Week 4 is here and I've lost weight :)

Well the brilliant news is I've finally started to lose a bit of weight. I've stayed the same through weeks 1-3 and today felt good and trimmer, so hopped on the scales and I've gone down by 4lb. Of course there's a lot more to go, I'd like to lose another stone and a half but as long as I keep feeling the healthy benefits, I'm not worried what the scales say.

I am really starting to feel the benefits, I feel energised and have more energy and I'm also sleeping better.

Today however, I'm really nervous (maybe not nervous, but it's on my mind) about the big step up. By my calculations we have 16 minutes of running today from 9 last week. I'm not being negative about it and will not talk myself out of it. I just really hope I'll manage it so it doesn't knock my confidence.

We're going at lunch time, so I will report back this afternoon :)


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19 Replies

  • Well done! Keep up the momentum by keeping mobile while watching carefully what you Eat. While ever you do both you"ll get the weight off and keep it off. It takes time however, but keep going 😊

  • I look forward to losing more weight but also to a hopefully less painful back as I think the 2 are hand in hand :)

  • Well done! Onwards and upwards, you're doing brilliantly!

  • Thank you :)

  • Don't worry TracyC1980, you will be able to handle this run. Stick to a slow steady start at your own pace.

    Good luck😊xxx

  • That's good to hear, thank you xx

  • Good advice. Take it one step at a time - no matter how slow - and the one or two extra minutes will be over before you know!

  • Whoop whoop! We ALL only went and smashed it! No one stopped, everyone managed to jog the whole expected time. There was a nasty hill in there too! I cannot tell you the elation I felt when that last 5 minute finished - I couldn't believe it!!!

    I was tired but fine. My calves hurt for a very short amount at the end but nothing at all compared to before!

    I can safely say I faced my fear of week 4!

  • Yes they are! The less strain on your back the better. As the weight comes off, and you get stronger through running, you should notice a difference. The back has muscles and if they have been allowed to get flabby then you do get back trouble. Be diligent about what you eat and drink and make the job of losing weight easier. Always have a colourful plate of food 🥘

  • Oh I eat very healthily for 80% of the time, I just like a drink and weekend treats which my body doesn't :)

  • Don't give up the treats or you will give up entirely. While it's important to be healthy, life is also about living and not giving up the things you enjoy. Xx

  • Yeah😊...Well done all of you..

    Week 4 no longer holds any worries then..Good luck with R2...

    It feels great doesn't it..5 minutes...running!!!😄

    Go you .xxx

  • Thank you - yes, I can't quite believe it

  • Week 4 Run 3 just finished! Found it hard but I refused to stop. Listening to music helped but not as much as on Monday. I'll keep using it though. So, on to week 5 now! Monday here we come.

  • Well done for getting this far. I'm only just finished week 6 and I felt exactly the same as you. I'm not going to lie, I still can't say I enjoy it or find it easy but it must be getting so as I managed week six run three today without keeling over! Slow and steady. You can do it xx

  • Each increase in running time used to give me the collywobbles when I'd look ahead.

    Now I try hard not to be disattisfied with "only" Running Five K LOL :)

    As for weight - muscle weighs more than fat and while I have -again "only" - lost about ten pounds since June 1st, I look a hell of a lot more athletic :)

    Slow, steady and keeping it fun on at least some level - that will get you where you really wish to be :)

  • Ah that's useful to hear re weight. I've. Not lost any since I started but I've gone down a jeans size and legs getting rather sl amd toned. The biggest thing so far though is that my diabetes has improved by 25%!

  • Weight is not a good indicator of increased fitness :)

    Nor even how you look :)

    It's how you feel that seems to matter most - and feeling that I am a Runner is one of the best boosts ever :)

    And just wait until you post your Graduation run ;)

  • its the 2nd and last 5 minutes on wk4 that gets to you , but if unlike me this evening , you take it slower than you think you can you will sort it . lesson learned , i cant wait for fridays final w4 run im gonna smash it nice and slow...

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