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Week one done!


So week one is in the bag, I still have doubts on ever being to the point where I can run 5k but I'm determined to stick to it and prove myself and a few doubters wrong.

Bought some new running shoes which seem to be making things easier, I only lost a pound in weight but I'm still pleased with any weight loss.

I'm trying to decide now if it would be easier to stick to running at night when it's dark and no-one can see me or sacrifice my sleep and get up earlier and go before work again when no one will be about, not sure what's going to be easier to stick to, did anyone find a certain time of day easier to run?


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Nelly congrats on completing week 1. I am starting tomorrow morning - early. Similar worries about looking ridiculous but what the hell? Who wants to be the coolest dude in the graveyard!

Congrats again. Reading posts like yours gives me hope.


Well done Nelly!

In terms of the best time to run, it is really down to personal choice and fitting around other life commitments. I can't get up any earlier - it would kill me! - so on working days I do my run as soon as possible after work. I have a "get it done and out the way" attitude to it. Don't get me wrong I look forward to it, then don't particularly enjoy it at the time but I love the fact I've achieved it when it's over!

As for non-working days (like today) I just got out of bed when I was ready to and did my run before showering. Ok, it was probably getting on for 11am when I finally hit the shower this morning. But hey, who cares?!

Good luck with week 2.


The plan really does work and each week you will surprise yourself. You have done the hard part by getting out there. I started running in the winter with the snow and rain so not many people about but if I did see someone coming just diverted direction. You will be surprised how many people are out both early and late walking their dogs. One thing you will notice that in just a short while you will no longer care who you see when out jogging it will be more about your actual jog.

Just enjoy yourself and be proud that you have the get up and go to get out there and get yourself fit and eventually all those doubters will start to be jealous of how well your looking and how well you have done!!

PS don't go worrying about weight too much as you are going to build muscle go instead for how your clothes fit. Your weight may not change much but your clothes will definitely get loser!!


I think it took me to about week 4 before I didn't care any more who could see me! I went out in the dark in the evening (I started in December) - I did try one early morning run, but I'm not really a natural morning person, and haven't managed that again yet!

Now I don't care too much who sees me - if they are runners they know what it's like, and if they're not, I can look down on them! :D Enjoy your new interest!

Well done on completing week1. As Karen says don't worry too much about weight loss as your body will need to go through lots of adjustments to your new exercise regime before it thinks about losing weight. If you take your measurements you will probably see inch loss before your weight goes down. Your clothes will feel looser but it's always nice to have some, decreasing, numbers to look at.

Stick with it, come on here for encouragement and advice and to let us know how you are going - I'm sure you won't regret it.


Muscle weighs heavier than fat so don't worry too much about weight loss, assuring this plan you will be building muscle strength and fitness. You will slim down though, which you should tell by your clothes getting looser :)

Congratulations on completing week 1. Trust in the plan, it's well thought out and you will surprise yourself time and again on this journey to fitness. Remember up take rest days, and extra days if your body needs it.

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