W2R2 Done!

Well after a really bad run on Monday, today was so much better and a lot less hurt. I've stretched and put cold peas on my calfs and shins after so I'm hoping that's going to help for Friday. I slowed everything down even more today and took smaller steps in the warm up walk, I think that's helped not already having hurting shins before the run starts.

My foam roller should turn up today so I'm hoping that's going to help to and new running shoes at the weekend ready for the dreaded ( in my mind) week 3

Happy running everyone



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  • You can do more than you think you can! Week three is going to be just fine! :)

  • At this stage you will get your aches and pains, especially if like me you are road running. All part-of-the-experience and I'm told it gets better. I'm halfway through W4 myself and the sore shins I had in the first couple of weeks are much improved.

    Week 3 will be just as challenging as W2 but no more so. Don't worry next weeks runs are doable because of the runs (good or bad) you've put in so far.

  • Well I'm doing all I can to help the pains. I know I'll get through it because I WANT to do it!

  • Excellent. Don't forget that it is at least one rest day. Theres nothing says we can't take an extra day here and there when we need to.

  • I'll keep that in mind.

    Thanks 👍🏻

  • My lower legs hurt sometimes after a run, I've found at times I need two rest days, which means I can't have set days for running but sometimes work gets in the way of a run day anyway...as long as I run 3 times in 7 days I'm happy....I'm am hoping the aches and pains ease up a bit as my body gets used to this running malarkey 😂😂

  • Oh god I do hope the pain ends or subsides a lot before to long

  • My left knee hurt at the beginning but proper running trainers sorted that out...I've just finished week 4 on the app I'm following which was 16 mins of running in total...my lower legs feel sore, I've just assumed it was the 2 banks of 5 min runs....feel better today than yesterday so will go out again tomorrow and see what six min runs do to me lol 😂

  • Well done @Chris9R! I have to confess to an epic fail for W2R2 this evening, as my Dad turned up out of the blue and took me out to dinner. But will make sure I am back on the case tomorrow.

  • Two days break will make all the difference 👍🏻I know what I'd have done. It wouldn't have involved running that's for sure. Does that make me sound bad? 😋

  • Back on track- w2r2 done yay! Have to say it was hard to get out there, but remembering all the encouraging posts here spurred me on.

  • Well done you 👍🏻

    Run 3 for me in the morning. Hope it's as good as the last run!

  • Good luck, it will be Saturday now before I fully catch you up.

  • Must admit I'm not looking forward to week 3

  • Well let's get week 2 done first, then we can see what week 3 brings. We have to trust it works 🙂

  • Indeed we do, and it sounds like it works a treat 👍🏻

  • Right then, that's my week 2 in the bag. Week 3 starts on Monday 🙂

  • Well done. Onwards and upwards

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