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Wk2 Repeat

Ok so this week is not going so good :-(

I only managed 2 of the runs of wk2 last week so I decided to repeat wk2 this week. Went for my first run on tuesday night and it was awful my legs felt like they were full of lead and by the end of the 2nd 90 seconds I ended up power walking ! kept trying to complete each run but couldnt and that left me feeling so dissapointed ... Been out again tonight for wk2 run2 and it was slightly better Im hoping saturdays run will be better. My knees ache but I am over weight and my shins ache. Im making sure I do what Laura says, heel down first so any advice would be welcome? I have to say its that horrible time for ladies for me at the moment(Sorry to any men reading this) LOL so not sure if thats contributing to how I feel and I think I need to find a goood running shop to get some running shoes.

Not going to progress to wk3 until I successfully complete wk2 , other than the problems I aam enjoying the programme , especially on an early morning run :-)

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Good on you for being positive,, keeping going and enjoying the programme. It sounds to me like you are finding it a little easier with each run so you are progressing well. I am sure Mother Nature saps our energy and sense of reasoning at those times just for the hell of it . . . . . irritating isn't it!

Keep going, you will get there, slow and steady wins the race :o)

Good luck.


Dn't worry about heels down first, there's a lot of controversy about this apparently. Someone posted this a couple of weeks ago:

and it really helped me, especially steps 1,2 and 3. I've had no shin pain since I started doing this. You see it says that say you should land on your mid foot. And good shoes make all the difference.

Good luck!


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