Wk2 Started

Well wk2 run 1 done. It was a little harder but I still managed it. I got a bit tricked near the end though as Laura said "you are nearly there you have another 90 seconds to do" well I thought that was the last run and I started my cool down walk after the 90 seconds run. Then when she said to start running again I thought WHAT? I was so relaxed thinking I was nearly finished I managed the last run without any bother. I will not be able to be kidded the next run though. Felt great though when I finished it.


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9 Replies

  • well done! won't be kidded next time, but you know you can do it now!

  • I can remember that run... I desperately counted the 90 minutes runs (so first run to the bridge, second up that hill, third past that car, fourth.... where oh where was I? Oh, yes, now I remember...).

    Well done, you weren't disheartened. Next time will be easier. :S

  • ahhh tricked in to false sense of security - still you did it and won't be caught out again :-)

    keep it up you will find it gets better as you get used to it

  • Funny story! Glad it worked out so well for you, and now you know you can do it. :)

  • I was tricked too! sneaky laura :-)

  • Yep that tricked me too... by the third run I was wise to it!

  • The question is - my hubby starts this run today - do I tell him or not *snigger*

  • I did exactly the same yesterday too! Felt a bit of a donut when she said I had to start running again!!!!!

  • Thanks for all the replies, but maybe sometimes innocence is bliss.

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