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Wk1 - Wk2 run 2

I surprised myself Wk1: I could handle it and even enjoyed it! I have to say that my running ground is lovely: Bushy Park. I did find myself feeling so lucky to be running/walking along the alleys of trees... and the sun was out...

I've done the first run of Wk2 5 days ago and wasn't able to go running until today.

I found the 90 second run harder than what I had imagine. It's only 30second more but I was panting like an old dog!

Now it's raining and I feel tired. I discovered the community and hope to find here the courage to go for run 2 - I'll go now!

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I find it easier to leave maximum 2 days between runs... But don't give up! :-) I've never ran before starting this, and I'm already at Week4 - 3 minutes/5 minutes run!!


Thank you for the encouragement and I agree with you, but it's easier said than done with a full time work and 2 hours commuting.

In a ideal world, I would train every second day. Listen to me! I'm only at Wk2 and I would like to run every second day!!!


I am on run 2 of week 9 and i can honestly say the toughest run i have done is week 2 run 1!! it nearly killed me, but you can do it, don't give up!!


i have been getting up at 5.30am to fit mine in!! the run alone nearly killed me but Wk1 R2 under my belt bring on friday .. Good luck with yours x


5.30 AM - I bow in front of you!

I'm usually up at 6.15am to go to work, but I'm not sure I'll have the stamina to go running first thing in the morning. Should try though!

Well done to you and maybe see you one day running by Whitsand bay!


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