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Wk2 run1

Well I have just finished wk2 run. It was obviously a little more difficult but I still did it and enjoyed it. Does anyone else find that the first run of each session (that is the first run after 5min walk) the hardest to get your breath back. I always think to myself at that time "I don't think I am going to do this today", but have always done so this far . I found myself saying today oh please let it be nearly 90 secs but just as I thought it it WAS time up. I am REALLY pleased with myself as I have never been able to run. So keep going everyone who is just starting and others of course.

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Well done for W2R1!! I'm the same, in the 1st 4/5 weeks it was always the 1st run I found the hardest now on the longer runs I'm finding that the first 5ish minutes are the hardest and then I seem to get into a rhythm and my breathing settles down and my legs seem better.

I'm guessing it's because it takes a while to warm up properly .

Good luck for the rest of week 2 and for the rest of C25K :o)


I think this common. I've found doing the 1st run at a slower pace helps. I think we get all eager for the 1st run and just go off too fast. It's all about pacing youself. Do the 1st one slower and then increase the speed with the following ones.


2nd run of wk 2 and i definately find the 1st one of the day the hardest.. Not looking forward to wk3 i must be honest


I find myself praying often as I run! :-) I am into week 3 and cant believe it! Week 1 I had to even walk a few of the 1 minute sessions. The first run of week 1 and 2 ended with me physically ill. I now prep with lots of water intake that day and sometimes a half of a banana about 30 minutes before. I keep telling myself slow and steady...I can work on speed later. Great job in moving forward to the next week!


Well done you for keeping going. Keep it up and good luck.


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