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Week 4 - Have I got an injury and should I stop running?

I am on Week 4. I am very proud to have got this far. Big jump from last week. W4R1 went really well despite 25 degree heat. W4R2 went well but after when I got home I felt niggling

pain in my shins about 2 inches below knee cap. Not bad enough for pain killers but concerned this could be an injury. I do not know what to do. Do I keep running? I do not want to stop and rest for a week or so, as I am afraid I may not start running again and also if I do stop and restart, I am afraid I will have to go back a week or two. I was doing so well. Can anyone offer any advice? Has anyone experienced the same? Should I carry on with my W4R3 tomorrow? Can anyone understand my fears? I have come so far in four weeks. I could not run for a even minute at the start.

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It's a difficult question as everyone has a different pain threshold. I think I would probably try a very gentle run - if the pain gets worse, or continues for too long, then stop and rest until you feel ready to try again. If it goes away, then carry on.

If rest doesn't help then you need to talk to the doctor for advice. I'm not an expert, so, if in doubt, ask a doctor or physio.

Well done on your journey so far - if you do need to take a rest it isn't a disaster.


Thanks for the advice. I have no niggling pains this morning so far so perhaps all my leggies needed was yesterdays rest and I started panicking. I think I will take your advice and try a gentler W4 today. I could take myself over local park and run on grass instead of pavement. Will this help a little too?


running on grass if the ground beneath is soft is always an advantage to the shins and knees. I'm sure you'll be fine if you've no pain today :)


The grass in the park is probably nice to run on - I've run on some grass verges and they can be a bit hazardous, with big holes hidden by long grass. Be careful to watch where you're putting your feet.

Good luck, hope it goes well :-)


Could be shin splints? A really common problem for new runners. There's a bit about it on the NHS website, and if you google you'll find loads more: nhs.uk/conditions/shin-spli... The article says to rest for a couple of weeks, but I think if the pain is gone by your next run, you'll probably be okay, but make sure to take the advice on preventing it - proper fitted running shoes, running on softer surfaces, etc. And it if keeps coming back, take the resting advice.


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