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Do I go on to week 4 or back to week 3?

Morning everyone, I am back at it. Well I hope I am. Turns out had tonsillitis and the doctor thought I had glandular fever but I don't think I do.

So I have been procrastinating about getting back into my running trainers and getting back on track. So the past few days I have been watching what everyone else has been up to on here and I am getting the inspiration back and want to get back out there.

What week do I start with? Do I re-do week 3 or do I start with week 4? Or maybe start week 4 and see if I can manage it if not then go back to week 3?

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How easy did you find week 3? I think I would be tempted to start off with a wk 3 run to see how it goes. If you manage to complete it, move on to week 4, if you couldn't complete it, stick with week 3 for another couple of runs. Good luck - and let us know how you get on.

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I would redo your last run and see how you feel. Feeling good? Move up. Not so good? Repeat last run till happy. That's what I did anyway. Hope it helps


What they said. Well done getting back out there. X


All of that! It's great that you're keen to get back out there in your trainers. Do what you can almost cope with, do it again, then move on- you already know that the programme will work. Also I don't think there is any problem with going back to a previous week if you feel you've lost some fitness capability. Take care and enjoy it, even if the enjoyment is only afterwards! :)


Yes, to the last ? As long as you've fully recovered..


In a similar position I chose not to go back. But was prepared to change if needed. It worked just fine . My muscles remembered their lessons from previous weeks - seemed to have enjoyed the rest. Give it a go, stay slow and you'll do it!


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