I've just started week 4 and I think I have jogger's knee. Should I rest or run through it?

After the third run of week 3 I had a slight pain in my knee which has got worse after my first run of week 4. I've seen the exercises for strengthening knees but I've also read that I should rest the knee. Can anyone pass on some advice on how to proceed? I'd hate to have to stop running for a few weeks as the programme is going so well but I'll do what ever is best for the old knee. Many thanks in advance.


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  • Been there, done that, got the t-shirt...

    Do. Not. Run. until your knee is virtually painfree. Use ice, ibuprofen, do the exercises, and I found a foam roller worked wonders too.

    If you go to a gym a cross-trainer is a good alternative while your knees are recovering.

    And don't worry - my knees were agony, but when I eventually realized I was going to have to bite the bullet and rest properly, they got better quickly and I do 3-5K three times a week now, mostly on a treadmill. Yours will be fine in the end too but wait up a couple of days at least now and give them a chance! :-)

  • Sounds like great advice. Many thanks.

  • My left knee is very painful after today's run, I pushed myself to 17k on Wednesday and I knew I would regret it as it was hurting then, but after this mornings shorter run it's definitely worse. I've never had an issue with my left side/leg before, so I am also going to take your advice Mitts and rest for the weekend, hopefully it will be better for Monday's Run!

  • This is a good page in case you haven't seen it:


    If you do have runner's knee you have to rest ie not run till it's better, and no, of course I didn't do this at first, and yes, I wished afterwards I had! :-)

    Would have saved myself weeks of pain and inaction when I eventually realized I'd have to REST...

    But you sound a lot more sportive so you'll likely be better much sooner!

  • Thanks I'll check it out.

  • Hi Blinton, I agree to rest it for a couple of days, you can then try repeating the previous weeks runs to slowly build the strenghth in your knees and cross training is great too - a lot of us have learnt the hard way that it's best not to rush the C25K experience - injury is frustrating :)

  • It certainly is frustrating, it was going so well and I'd just made a really big break-through in controlling my breathing. Since my last run on Thursday I've done some light knee exercises and today I went swimming. The swelling is still there though so it's going to be a while yet before I can start running again. As you all say though, better to be patient.

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