I got an important call ;)

I'm sorry if this is a bit too graphic. I tried to keep it as neutral as possible. For those of you who continue reading: Did anyone else have this "special experience" on a run?

Ok, then, I went out this morning for my usual 30 minute attempt to cover more than 4.7K. It was early enough not to be running in the heat. Everything went really really fine, I felt good, ran faster than usual (or at least I thought I did, when I mapped my run later it was the same distance within the same time as usual). Then, around 12 minutes into running, I got a text message from nature (i.e. a cramp in my stomach) that she'll call me soon, if you know what I'm referring to, but I thought would I could ignore the text message so it would go over. It worked (for a few minutes) but at 20 minutes into my run I got another, more urgent text message so I decided to give up my run and head home. I was 20 minutes (walking distance) from home at that time and hurried home walking and running (according to what was safer at the moment). Well, I was home early enough but couldn't have waited much longer to answer the call.

It happened for the first time to me and I hope it'll be a unique event. When I was looking for expressions I could use to make it less graphic, I found a very funny article (well funny for me, not for the article's author) which made me laugh a lot and which I want to share with you.


A nice and sunny day to everyone and whenever you get a text message from nature, go home soon as she is a very impatient lady who will call you soon ;)


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  • Lol! I feel for him, but thats hilarious! :)

  • I also feel sorry for him but the way he describes the incident I simply couldn't stop laughing. At least he seems to take it with humour ;)

  • Oh my. I just read that article and laughed out loud at my desk.

    People are looking at me now.

    I can't explain it to them :-)

  • I'm sorry for that :D

  • Oh thanks for sharing that article... I've had a good laugh :)

  • I loved the article, had to forward it to a friend who has a similar problem. It does put a new slant on all those runners who don't make eye contact or acknowledge other runners. Next time someone doesn't respond, maybe they're 'concentrating'!

  • Beads, from now on I will have to laugh every time when I'm out in the park. I live in a big city and running is, unfortunately, a very anonymous buisness here. Here it's strange to greet and nod at the other runners (I don't like it that way but I had to accept it). So everyone of the many runners out there in the local park might have just had an accident... I will look at their faces to see if they are just "concentrated" or "very concentrated" and will keep an according distance to the more concentrated runners ;)

  • I haven't actually been caught that short, but did have a 'desire' to take a leak once. I managed to stave it off though. The idea of darting behind a hedge, when Laura could chip in at anytime just seemed a little bit too personal!

  • What a hilarious article -- besides, running gets the bowles moving. I am pretty certain I am not the only one who has noticed that on longer runs!

  • This is a funny and helpful article that I read a while back: (and some of the responses are funny/helpful too) shutupandrun.net/2012/05/ho...

  • Brilliant article - thanks. :-)

  • I don't know how, but I missed this post originally. This has been such a problem for me since about week 6 and I even considered giving up running. 10 minutes into my run and it starts, by about 5 minutes later (just when I am furthest from home) I have to stop and walk. Walking sometimes settled things down.

    After many tears and phone calls to hubby to come and get me ('don't forget the plastic bag for the car seat') I've decided to only run after I've 'been'. For my RFL I actually took imodium (it worked!) but obviously this is not a good idea on a regular basis.

    This is a very common problem for runners, usually longer distances, which sometimes sorts itself out with diet and other coping mechanisms.

    I wish I could change my phone number so nature could not text me anymore...

    The article was absolutely hilarious - I was in tears of laughter. Poor guy!

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