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Injury during week 4

Hi! I've started on my keep fit journey in September, and decided it was time to start running. I signed up for the Race for Life which is on June 11th (7 weeks away) and I'very only just completed week 4! It's all going to plan so far, I'm just wondering if anyone else had an injury during the training, and if so how far back did it put them? I'm really hoping to be back to it by the latest end of next week, but Imy really worried my fitness levels will have dramatically dropped!

Thanks in advance 😊

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Hi... and don't worry.

Many of us have had spells on the IC.... we don't lose fitness that easily. So.. carry on with the programme, but gently. Take a run and go, as ever, slowly and steadily... see how you feel.

Some other exercise on your rest days may help your stamina and strength too...many of us used the NHS Strength and Flex.. i still do occasionally..:)

You should be fine, for the Race for Life, whish is such a fun event anyway!

Take it steady and keep us posted ! :)


Thanks so much! I do Zumba as well though the week, which I'm already really missing, but I'm not so bothered about losing that over a couple of weeks, I'm just so worried about the deadline. The strength and flexi looks like a good way to ease my way back in if I don't want to start off back with the amount of exerciseI was doing, so thank you very much!! Really appreciate the help! X

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Well, you should be fine.. :) But those Strength and Flex are great.. :)


You won't lose fitness in a week just as you can't become fit in a week.

You don't mention what the nature of your injury is, but, assuming it is leg-based, as most injuries tend to be at this stage, how about doing some non load bearing exercise of similar duration in the meanwhile. Swimming is always a good rehab exercise.


My bad, haha, yeah, it's my foot! I hadn't thought about carrying on swimming! That's a great idea, thank you 😁😁


Is it an injury or does something hurt? May not be the same thing!


Unfortunately it's a recurring injury I get, this time it's not too severe so 1-2 weeks will be okay fingers crossed!! 😁


Hi Michelle, try not to worry. If you read some of the posts on here, you'll find we've all had injuries, ranging from little niggles (meaning we've had to skip one run) to fractured pelvis (many months of rehabilitation). You'll know when you are read to go out running again. In the meantime, squats, planks, stretching, walking, swimming, static bike, cross-trainer...

My work colleague runs 50 miles + per week. He always has a niggle, but his approach is - if it hurts, don't run. If it aches, that just means that you are awake: there will always be an ache.

Rignold is our fitness uber-guru and he's quite correct. You won't lose fitness in a week (or two). Just pick up where you left off and give C25K W4 another go.

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Thanks so much! Really appreciate all of the responses 😁 I'll hopefully be able to go back to week 4 next week (everything crossed) 😁


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