Looks like i'm gonna have to stop running for awhile =(

so iv been doing quite well post couch 2 5k. Have been managing to keep up my 5 runs a week and progress is coming along nicely. Unfortunately for a few weeks now i have been suffering with a blister on the sole of my foot. I brought new running socks and that seemed to resolve the problem for a while, but its now back with a vengeance, so i bought blister plasters too, and these also have not helped. I have taken a few days off running to let the blister heal, but immediately comes back the minute im starting running. It is now huge and possibly infected =/

So my only solution now that i can think of is that im going to have to stop running until i can afford new trainers, which will probably be my birthday ... what am i going to do??? if anyone have any useful information i would love to know!!!!


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  • dont run 5x a week?

  • Drop down to 3 runs a week, like most of us mere mortals!!! :)

  • oh sorry i meant 3 runs a week!!! haha dont know what was going through my head lol

  • And I thought you were Superwoman! :)

  • Sounds messy and it is but I have put Manuka honey onto blisters before and it feels like they healed pretty quickly, of course it could also be coincidence. If not try surgical spirit, will disinfect the wound and help make your skin tougher to prevent blisters it like £1 from poundland etc.

  • hehe i have never heard of that before, atm im using savalon but might get some surgical spirit to see if it heals quicker!

  • Are your running socks double layered? If not try Sainsburys womens white double layered sports socks - menat ot stop blisters forming. I recently bought posh running socks but prefer S's. Have you also had a look inside your trainers - I found a tiny piece of stone buried in my trainer that caused me problems.

  • Im not entirely sure, they are running socks designed by karrimor, they are seriously the most comfortable socks i have ever bought! but unfortunatly do not do the job. Il look into the sainsburys ones though! As for my trainers, i think its just where they are getting old, i have had them since august last year, and have double checked both trainers

  • I wonder if it is worth putting out a request on your local Freegle for trainers? Perhaps a bit of a long shot and you may have hygiene concerns but sounds better than not being able to run at all if all the other good suggestions don't do the trick.

  • I have never heard of freegle before, but il look into it! anything so i can keep running

  • I had a really bad blister on the arch of my foot that kept returning after resting and it going away. After a couple of weeks when it just kept getting bigger and more painful I popped it and it never returned!

    Have you tried popping it at all as gross as it is?

  • Yup I have popped it, otherwise it would feel horrible when i walked xD unfortunately have not done the trick though =(

  • Boots does some fab blister plasters that you put on and leave for a few days, really speeds up the healing process.

  • You could perhaps try new insoles as a temporary measure. They come in different materials and prices so I'm sure you could find one to fit your budget and help prevent blisters.

    I put Vaseline on the bottom of my heals as I get blisters forming on 5k runs if I don't. I think my feet get too hot! I used to wear karrimor but they didn't work for me. I now wear Aldi running socks but my feet are starting to heat up in these as we move into summer and the temperature increases. So, I'm treating myself to thinner ones this week as well as new trainers :)

  • I am not a fan of what is now Karrimor I have to say. Once they were the brand to have for hiking equipment but it is just a Sports Direct sub brand now and whilst cheap it had always proved slightly unsatisfactory in my experience.

    Its really worth saving up and buying a real brand I think for stuff as crutcal as trainers and socks, I always go Nike personally for socks. Sweatshop own brand are comfy but I always seemed to wear them through really quickly so they were cheaper but needed replacing more often.

  • KittyCatt....make sure the area where the blister was is COMPLETELY healed before you attempt a "long" run....that will be quite tender even after it looks healed. Better to wait than re-blister...as you already know. A week or so layoff won't hurt your running...in fact, it may be good to get a rest.

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