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Tell Laura I love her!

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Did it!! Wk5 r3 is in the bag

This programme is amazing. Do not know how I managed to run for 20 mins but I did. Laura is right it is more mental than physical. At one point around about 5 mins in I thought that I wouldn't be able to do 6 mins let alone 20 but something kicks in and suddenly Laura saying 10 mins. I pretended that I was starting off my run as I knew that I could run 10 mins.

At the end I gave a big yay out loud (where I got the energy from I don't know)

It's a fantastic feeling. On a big high!

Oh and neon runner smiled and said hello today. She might have been feeling sorry for me with my tomato face!!!!:-)

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I'm glad that the neon runner said hello. She obviously recognised you as a fellow runner. Well done. It's an amazing feeling to run for 20 mins for the first time. Make the most of your last two interval-runs next week. Don't go mad - it's tempting to think that you can go a bit faster, but keep your head and keep it steady. :-)

Thanks for the advice which I will heed! I normally look ahead a few wks to see what's coming up but haven't looked beyond this run!! I think this is where now gets serious and I so want to complete the programme :-)

Briliant blog and a great run; well done!!

O, EXCELLENT Benmum! Isn't that a grand feeling!?

Enjoy your've earned it!

Good running to you.....

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Fantastic! Well done you. Even still, about 5 mins into a run I always think 'I can't do this' but nowadays I just ignore that voice and keep on and somehow I find my pace and enjoy the rest of the run. So you hang in there. You have already smashed the hardest part of the programme (getting off the couch in the first place :-) ) AND the dreaded W5R3 so you will definitely get to graduation!

Thanks everyone. Still on a high today :-)

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