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OMG, I just ran non-stop for 20 mins!?

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Well, I nearly spat out my warm-up banana when Laura told me she was going to make me run for 20 minutes. I figured the app must have had a hiccup and jumped to wk7 or something, but no, she really did want me to run for 20 mins. If felt as devastating as getting a tax demand.

Anyway, I figured I've managed all the runs so far, and Laura was telling me this was just another run which should not be physically harder than the rest, it's just psychologically training my brain that I can do it. I've only run up to 8 minutes so far, so Laura was asking a lot, but before I knew it she told me I was half way and I was feeling quite comfortable actually, so I just carried on running. After a while I figured I must be close to 15 mins when Laura pipped up again... 2 mins left!!... Really?! Wow!? I've done 18 mins already!?! I knew at that point I was gonna do it, and even managed to pick up the pace in that last 2 minutes. I am elated. Ive not even run for a bus in 20 years, how I have managed this Ill never know.

So far over the course of this programme I have missed the odd day here and there with family and work commitments and even repeated wk4 entirely as I was on holiday and wanted to just keep my fitness up whilst I was away, so to complete wk5 has actually taken me nearer 7 wks, but I've lost 6kg (around a stone) in weight, have seen my ribs for the first time in about 15 years when I stretch and really can't remember feeling so good.

Roll on wk6... I'll be earning that certificate before October comes!... Thanks Laura. πŸ‘

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Amazing isn’t to run 20minutes. You are doing really well. Keeping enjoying it as you do.


20 mins is the best feeling!’ 😊

Awesome! I finished w5 run 2, I am right behind you! Will let you know how I get on Saturday!

RunforresttRunGraduate in reply to Hatetoloverun

Make sure you do... You can be my virtual running buddy!. The first 5 mins were actually the hardest, but once I'd loosened up and found my rhythm I noticed that my breathing was nice and steady and suddenly I'd hit 10 mins without even knowing. The last 10 mins flew by.

Youve come a long way and your body IS now easily physically strong enough to do this... Its only your brain that needs training now and this run its nowhere near as hard as it might seem once you pass that 8 minute mark as you've already just done.

HatetoloverunGraduate in reply to RunforresttRun

Yep my running buddy! I am currently breathing without any formula, I do go out of breath but I manage running slow , are you doing any rhythmic breathing??

W5 r3 here I come!!


For me, running for 20 minutes was the highlight of this programme as it started making you believe in yourself. Well done . You got this πŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ˜πŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ‘πŸ»


Well done you!! Good feeling eh?

RunforresttRunGraduate in reply to sallenson

Amazing feeling.... On a whim, I did nearly 10km in an hour on the weekend just for the hell of it.

I see you are a graduate... Congrats... Guessing you are still running regularly if you still follow other runners?

sallensonGraduate in reply to RunforresttRun

I had a hip/knee niggle a few weeks back so I've wandered back in here while I do a run from each week to get my legs moving properly again. Last one to do this morning :-)


I've just done W5R2 and smashed it. A bit nervous about saturdays R3 but seeing these posts inspires me. I can do this. We are all doing so well. Good luck for W6 x

RunforresttRunGraduate in reply to Granniemand

So.... Did u get through the 20 min barrier OK?!?

GranniemandGraduate in reply to RunforresttRun

Yeah. Was fine. W6R2 tomorrow. It's amazing hope well this programme works. How you doing? X

RunforresttRunGraduate in reply to Granniemand

I did something nuts on the weekend. Indulged too much at a friend's party and had to get a cab home as I'd had about 10 too many... The next morning I RAN back to retrieve the car. Underestimated how far it was and wk6r2 only got me about half way there, so I did it twice back to back, ran 9.3km in 1 hour... With a hangover. Felt amazing. There is however a downside. Today, my joints ached.l and I've been sneezing all day, so pretty sure I've got a cold. Grrrr.


Fantastic achievement, well done 😁

RunforresttRunGraduate in reply to Matilda2903

So where are you upto matilda?

Matilda2903Graduate in reply to RunforresttRun

Just done w8, r2… phew! πŸ˜‹ Hope all is going well with you 😊

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