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Tell Laura I love her...

How sad is this! Caught in the dilemma between needing Laura to keep me going, and wanting different music, I spent yesterday afternoon editing Week 9 on Audacity (free sound editing program) so I now have just Laura's bits with silence inbetween. Got this saved as an mp3.

Made my own playlist, inserted into Audacity, mix the 2 and Ta-ra decent music and added Laura! Trying it out this morning.

Now have to do the lesson plans I was supposed to be doing yesterday!

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I'm on week 7 and found my self wanting my own music, I need an extra boost from Robbie Williams etc! So for run two I'm doing the same. The music on the podcasts are starting to get on my nerves in an endearing sort of way!

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no that is genius!!! is your Laura/ silent MP3 file downloadable anywhere :) lol

in reply to Bxster

Happy to email it to you.

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Stealthrunner in reply to

Please, me too! I've only just learned how to download C25k to my mp3 player, and I seriously doubt I can do anything more complicated.

in reply to Stealthrunner

Sure, send me your email address and I'll do that.

Lmao - tell Laura I love her...almost wrote post about that song in my head 2 hours ago. Freaky!

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You are seriously hardcore!



What an excellent idea! :-)

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This is a brilliant idea! Any chance of having that mp3 as well please? Thank you :D

in reply to carcassonne

Sure. Email me your address.

Oooh, this sounds just what I need! Any chance you could email me the mp3 too please? Thanks so much! x

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