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I dumped Laura! (don't tell her!!!)

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I am on W8R1 I am chuffed to bits that I am now running for 25 mins without stopping and to think "I don't do running" well that was until 8 weeks ago. I am loving the feeling I get after I have done my runs but whilst I am running I am counting down the minutes. I decided to try and keep me motivated I would down load some funky running tunes from Itunes. So armed with my new music I decided to ditch Laura (just for today) and listen to some fast running music. I did the trick and completed 28 mins today. I did miss Laura with her little motivational chats but now I have to run for longer blocks I think she will understand if I replace her with some better music.

Now that I amm nearing the end of my C25K plan I did a few measurements and weighing, and am pleased to say that I have lost 4inch around my waist 6inch from my hips only 1/2 from my thighs (but I guess they may have got bigger due to running. However I have lost no weight at all.

only a few more runs to go before I graduate! yippe I guess I AM a runner afterall. :) :)

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Well done! I have just completed week 8 and I'm sorry to say I ditched Laura for this week too (sorry). I find I can keep going when I have some good tunes playing. :-)

Poor Laura! All those inches, truly an NSV! Just remember also that muscle is heavier than fat!

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runforestrunGraduate in reply to TheActualSarah

What does NSV mean? :)

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TheActualSarahGraduate in reply to runforestrun

Non Scale Victory - All the things that are much more important than what the scales say. Like inches, making good meal choices, motivating yourself to exercise, fitting into size smaller clothes, other people noticing your weight loss. That sort of thing.

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I really must listen to one of the podcasts one day. I've got my last run of week 7 to do and have done it all with the zen labs free app so I could listen to my own playlist. There's nothing like listening to Katrina and the Waves, 'Walking on Sunshine' whilst running in the rain...or Michael Jackson's, 'Can You Feel It' whist nodding profusely in response and trying not to shout YES in reply to every chorus!

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Why are you trying to sell stuff on here? this is a blog about running!!!! :(

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runforestrunGraduate in reply to PatButcher

Thats what I was thinking! :(

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TheActualSarahGraduate in reply to runforestrun

I think it's spam and non-humanoid!

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mair99Graduate in reply to PatButcher

I agree Pat, it's getting a bit annoying!

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I'm so glad I'm not alone. Halfway through my first week 8 run, I actually ditched the headphones all together and just focused on my running and breathing. It was actually nice not having the distraction and, surprisingly, the last 14 minutes went by pretty quickly.

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