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Tell Laura I love her!

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Week 1, 2nd run. Had my second bout of c25K yesterday. It wasn't too bad, but I'm finding already that the hardest part is in the head. Couldn't do it without the lovely Laura though. The soundtrack really helps to dispel all that negativity in the head.

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Go you....Keep at it... it will be one of the best things you have ever done! :)

Thank you Oldfloss! It's hard, but I'm enjoying the challenge.

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Fitzcarraldo

It is hard.. and there will be some weeks when you really think...why am I doing this.. but it passes! Slow and steady was and is my motto...:)

I couldn't have done it without Laura (or the people on here). The only problem I found was that Laura sometimes took a bit longer to cut in during the running sections and was often too quick to interrupt the walking parts! Good luck with the C25K.

Ditto: the support on here is brilliant. Everyone is so encouraging.

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Laura is totally amazing and such a help in the early days to help us keep time and spur us on. Well done, you are on track, keep it up 😀 Julie

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Stick with it, and you will be hooked like the rest of us. The hardest bit is done, getting started. The head just messes with things, ignore any negative vibes! x :-)

Thanks. Doing my best to ignore them as I type. Run three beckons in about two hours time! Happy Christmas😀

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Laura is marvellous and the little gems of information she imparts tend to stick and then pop up in the subconscious days later! I had a bit of a light-bulb moment tonight about those sneaky voices. I decided to ignore them and see what would happen......I'm normally a "quit now - its hurting" kind of girl, but tonight I just ran through it and before I knew it the voices had b******* off!

Good luck to you - I hope you enjoy it as much as I have! I've just done my W9R2 this evening, I have never run consistently three times a week for this length of time before!

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Fitzcarraldo in reply to jojo57

Week 9? Well done you, that's brilliant! And thanks for the encouragement. 😀

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Negativity! Nah, think positive ☺

Thank you misswobble! Good advice 😀

I've found the podcasts an enormous help. In week 7 now and comfortably and happily running for 25 mins. Certainly didn't feel possible in week 1. It is a very good programme and itmis great to have the podcasts and this forum to keep motivated. Just running on my own without Laura, I would have run too fast and given up. Keep at it! You can do it!

Thank for the advice. I don't have a problem with fast running at the moment, believe me! 😀

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Have you met Julie yet?

Haven't had the pleasure yet. Laura's big sister?

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