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Week 4 completed and new shoes!

Wow! Can't quite believe it is all going so well :). The Week 4 sessions definitely got easier and the last one, at 6.30 this morning, was by far the best.

I run on the local rec/football pitch, which has only been mowed once this summer. I'm short and find the long grass (knee high in places) quite hard going AND soaking wet. I've been wearing ordinary running shoes and literally running with shoes full of water. I took the plunge (oh...hahaha!) and splashed (come on, I'm on a roll, here!) out on some Goretex trail shoes, same make and style as I wear on the roads so I knew they'd be okay.

Today I wore them for the first time and the difference was amazing. Not only did my feet stay dry but the extra sole grip and cushioning helped enormously on the uneven pitch surface. I even ended up doing a few more 1 minute runs as I felt so good.

Interestingly I burned fewer calories today so must be getting fitter and/or the shoes caused me to use less effort.

Now I just have to psych myself up for Week 5...

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Some days you just have to run with it don't you, Sue? (lol)

So glad to hear things are going well for you.

Continued success and enjoyment of the programme....


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