New shoes! πŸ‘Ÿ

New shoes! πŸ‘Ÿ

Hi all,

I had been holding back buying some new road shoes, but my gift voucher got the better of me........I've also been getting toe bruising/bumping when doing longer distances, and since getting a half size larger trail shoe recently and having no soreness, thought going up in the road shoes would be the best thing to do - especially as I've got that small thing of a HM coming up........😱

A trip to my fave local shop and this time I'm informed I am running neutrally, and don't need the stability all that running, off road trails, stretches, weight training has sorted my slight over pronation in my foot out....... couldn't abandon my favourite brand though, these are Asics Gel Nimbus 18, feel like slippers.....

No more shopping for a while now....😬....

Happy running all!


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  • Looking good...They are surely going to set you up for that.. HM :) x

    I am still trying to find some hybrid which will suit the smallish amount of lane running and the larger amount of trail, track and field running which I do... ( when the blinking fog lifts!!)

    So confusing!

  • Thanks Floss, I've found the trail shoes have taken a bit longer to 'break in' as they are slightly harder on the soles but are fine. The larger size makes me laugh, my mum always said I have feet like a camel, they're little and the spread out! πŸ˜„

    It's surprising the difference that extra 1/2 size makes though!


  • I have the same the same shoes... I'm really pleased with them, hope you love yours as well.. Basically I just love Asics!

  • I hope so Andy, my trails are Asics too, but I'm a bit nervous about moving from the stability ones to neutral, apparently all trail shoes are neutral anyway - not that I've had those for very long.

    I only had a very slight over pronation in one foot, so fingers crossed I won't get any problems - or I may be worrying over nothing.....


  • Nice shoes Madge, I'll be getting some new ones soon.

    My wife slinky bought some new neutral shoes after finding she also had only slight overpronate. She said they were OK, but after only a few Parkruns she did in the Summer before having to stop for the medical condition from which she is recovering from now very well, and hopes to resume running in the near future..

  • Good to hear she's doing well. :)

  • Thanks Dave, I do think it's in my head a bit, I've just got to go out in them! The cushioning is lovely....

    Hope slinky continues on the mend


  • Hope they give you many happy miles!!

  • Supercool new shoes! I love Asics. I just got my first pair a few weeks ago and they are soooo comfy. Happy running!

  • I love Asics 😍, trouble is they are usually the most expensive too!


  • Most excellent. Happy running!

  • Look similar to mine - and I have been very happy with them.

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