Week 4 completed

Great feeling to have completed week 4 but I must admit that I was a little apprehensive at the start of w4r1. I knew it would involve a fair jump in not only the total amount of running involved, but running for longer than I'd ran since starting the c25k, and on top of all that, my self imposed 0.5km/h increase in running speed over last week. However, I managed it without too much trouble......thankfully :) Shins seemed to be fine this week although my right knee and hip were aching a bit but I'm hoping it's not going to be an ongoing issue.

Week 5 looming and another step up in distance and time running and I'm hoping to up my running speed to 8km/h to keep me on target to reach 5k in 30 minutes by week 9. Fingers crossed I can do it ;)

For w4 I walked at a pace of 4km/h (w3 at 4km/h) and a running speed of 7.5km/h (w3 at 7km/h) covering a distance of 3k per run/walk.

Best wishes to everyone working their way through the c25k and to all those thinking of starting, just go for it :)


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  • That's great!! Onwards and upwards to wk 5 and remember the C5k chant.... " It's only 4 sets of 5 minutes- you can do it!!" Good luck Paul!

  • Thanks, Carole and I'll remember that chant to help get me through it ;)

  • Well done...but I must admit I have been trying to work out in 'old money' what that is lol!! I am just glad I get out there at the moment but am glad you shared this as it will help when I feel ready to up my game!

  • Thanks, pot58 :) I struggle too with converting to old money. I only use km/h because that's what's on my treadmill read out ;) A quick calculation: 8km/h is just under 5mph and 3k is just over 1.8 miles. Sounds better in new money :)

  • Well done Paul. The weeks will fly by and before you know it you'll be running those 5ks

  • Thanks, runner56 :) I hope so as I'm looking forward to my first 5k park run.

  • Thank you, kittykat :) One thing I've said to myself is that if I feel I'm starting to struggle then I'll have no hesitation in dropping my speed. As you rightly say, there's plenty of time to refine things later. I'll see how I get on with week 5 ;)

  • I meant to say you sound like Laura when you said ' you're doing great' ;)

  • Well done, you seem to be zooming through this and really enjoying it. You will be unstoppable by the end of the week !!

  • Thanks, henpen :) Yes, I'm really enjoying it at the moment and the two day recovery period seems to really drag. I just want to get back running :)

  • *whispers* I don't always wait two days, but either repeat one or move on!

  • 'Whispers back' I won't tell anyone ;)

  • Well done Paul! I completed week 4 today too :) keep up the awesome work!

  • Thanks, Whiplt and well done you, too for completing w4. Hopefully we'll graduate together, too :)

  • Well done Paul, you're doing grand! It's natural to be a little apprehensive then the plan steps up a gear but it really, really does work; take it steady and you'll be fine. :-) Good luck for week five and no worrying about run three: it'll go great!

  • Thank you, miles and thank you for your encouraging words :)

  • hi! Congratulations! I keep following your steps :)

  • Thanks, ana :) You'll catch me soon I'm sure. ;)

  • Congrats! I completed week 4 today too! Had a bit of a setback when I got shin splints at the end of week 2, had to take two weeks off, but that hasn't put me off! At the moment I'm just concentrating on running for the time required and not worrying about my speed, although I did find the other day I kind of "plod" heavily when I go slowly, and it is in fact easier if I ramp the speed up just a little. Looking forward to next week (must be crackers lol)

  • Thanks and well done to you, too :) Hope your shin splits have settled down now and don't hold you back. Good luck ;)

  • Thanks Paul, I took the advice posted here by so many people and rested ( like I could have done anything else, couldn't even walk lol) and got some good shoes. It seems to be ok now apart from a niggle from an old knee injury. I'm aching a bit (in a good way) this morning, especially my stomach muscles - didn't expect that, legs yes, tummy no...Good luck with week 5 xx

  • Good running shoes can really help. I know mine did ;)

    PS I've recently completed the c25k so week 5 went well, thanks :)

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