Week 2 Run 2 with a large fish!

Week 2 Run 2 with a large fish!

I have 70lb to lose in weight. The fish in the picture is 70lb! I can't help thinking running will be much easier without having to carry the darn thing around with me. I am on my second pair of 'New' trainers as I had to take the last pair back as they crippled me! These new new ones were better. I had terrible trouble with my MP3 today, it kept coming off and stopping so I had to ad lib without laura and manage...it was a bit of a shame. I still got out there though!

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  • ....and that's what counts in the end..(getting out there) Must be a Monday thing...a bunch of us seem to have struggled today.

    Love the fish...I imagine I am running carrying a hod of bricks...each brick weighing 5 pounds...that's .... a lot of bricks to throw away for me (lol).

    Keep up the good work!

  • Phew I don't want to be carrying fish or bricks!

  • That is a big fish, you think loosing a pound doesn't sound much but if you hold a pound of something or a bag of sugar is 2 pounds it is lots. Good luck with your goal, I haven't really concentrated on the diet but now I have graduated I will keep running at this level and watch the diet. I agree running is more comfortable without the extra weight.

    But I'm celebrating tonight as I graduated, the diet starts tomorrow!

  • Someone asked me to work it out in minnows..it is 20000+ Darn fish!

  • Well done. I struggle at the moment without Laura. The photo is a great idea - I want to lose 2 stone so will try and find an image that equates to it. Mrs Lazy your tip about visualising a bag of sugar is great too. I started cutting down last week and was disappointed with my 2lb loss ... but I'm not now!

  • My friend always used to say she needed to loose the weight of our Irish Terrier and her Jack Russell - now there's only the JR to go! :-)

  • 70lb is a large labrador!

  • 2 stone is a big fish but not quite as big as mine! lol :)

  • Thanks for the visual... I have the same to lose... wowsers carrying that extra on the runs...

    :) on doing R2!!!

  • Out darn fish!

  • Great image; you really don't want to be carrying that while you're running!!

  • The trouble s I don't want to be carrying it while I do anything! This fish has out stayed it's welcome and has to go! :)

  • I've worked out I need to lose the equivalent weight of my 9 year son! I try to imagine what it would be like giving him a piggy back all the way round!

  • You probably want to keep your son :) work on losing fish or dogs! xxx

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