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Week 2 run 2

I've been so caught up in reading other posts, I keep forgetting to write my own!

Today I'll be doing my run at lunch time. I'm looking forward to it but also slightly apprehensive. I know I can do it, I just don't want to injure myself. Since my wk1 r1 I've slowed down my pace from 5.2 to 4.6/4.8 which has helped ease the aches in my calf and shins. My weight is the same, though I know that's more to do with what I eat than exercise ... my willpower doesn't extend to food yet. Once running is a set routine for me and requires less willpower to get going, I'll pick up my diet.

I also did a gait analysis on Saturday and I hope to buy myself a pair of running trainers this weekend. Despite all this I do look forward to crashing on the couch still, that'll take longer to break out of.

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Good Luck at Lunchtime Linaka I am sure you can do it just believe in yourself and be assured everyone will be there with you

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Thanks manofkent62, I'll keep that cheery thought in mind whilst I run ^^


I think you might find that after a few more weeks of running you will want to eat more healthy, Your body will be changing and people will start to notice you are doing something different. Your mood will improve and the sofa won't be so inviting. You'll think about eating for energy and will notice that stodge effects you in ways you haven't noticed before. But it's all to be done one step at a time. Do yourself a favour, and don't weigh yourself until you finish the program. Concentrate on the positives instead, e.g looking and feeling great.


Thank you for that! Gives me a greater incentive to finish the program :D

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Well done, keep going, nice and slow is just fine. The slower the better really as it helps you stay safe and injury-free.

As you run further, regularly, longer, beyond Graduation you have the opportunity to burn off thousands of calories. Your running and general fitness will be greatly improved by maintaining a healthy diet. Don't delay! Get started with it now. It's never to soon to tackle these health issues 😊


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