Couch to 5K

Week 2 Run 2

Well that is run 2 finished. I managed to complete it, but it was hard going. My walking speed was 3.8 mph and I upped my jog to 4.5 mph as I was listening to some upbeat music. By the time I had finished I was as red as a beetroot! Lesson learnt, I will go back to a steady jog of 4 mph on my next run.

I have also been doing weighted hula hooping which I enjoy as well a walking my dogs.

This week I have started the 5:2 diet, and I look forward to seeing a fitter and healthier me. I aim to lose 1lb per week, by exercising and eating less. Is anyone else on this diet? It has worked for me before, I managed to lose 21 lbs but unfortunately had alot of stress in my life and didn't continue with it (husband made redundant, selling house and relocating with new job and twins going off to University.)

Now I am settled into our new home my aim for 2016 is to lose weight and get fitter.

Wish me luck!

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I've been on 5:2 for over 2 years ... it really worked and I lost 2 and a half stones in just over 3 months but I was counting calories on non fast days to stay just under 2000. It's stayed off pretty much for all of that time until some crept back over Christmas etc. So, I'm now doing the eating plan as well as finishing C25K nearly 2 weeks ago so it can work well together. Good luck and if you need any help you know where I am :-)


Wow, that's a pretty impressive weight loss, no doubt you feel fantastic now. I am determined to stick at the 5:2 diet and when I get to down to a comfortable weight I will do the maintenance side of the diet e.g once a week.

Unfortunately I wasn't blessed with long legs ( only 5ft 3.5 inches ) and being overweight makes me look short and dumpy!

Congratulations for finishing the C25K, how long did it take you?

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It took me 10 weeks as in Week 9 I got struck down with flu lurgy! The thing I need to do now is keep going ie not let it slide because I've completed the programme. I'm in my second week post graduation and so far it's going ok ... the things we do to try and look after ourselves! ;-)


That's not bad at all, do you run outside or on a treadmill?


This time I've done it all outside. I used to run years ago on a treadmill but never got any further than 30 minutes and got bored so I never stuck at it. I haven't run at all for about 8 years so this really surprised me as even when I did, I never covered distances like this or in times like this :-)

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Hi i've been doing the 5-2 diet for nearly 2 years and have lost a maximum of 3 Stone in that time. Recently with hols and Christmas I have put a few ponds back on but I'm back on the plan and it's slowly coming off.

I've also started the C25k again as I let my fitness slip last year and even though I am a graduate it's amazing how quick you can loose fitness. I'm now on week 3 and loving it So glad I'm back on track.

Good luck with 5-2 it really does work I'm living proof


Yet another fantastic weight loss, well done LUVLEEJU.

Started my 5:2 diet yesterday, and will probably do my 2nd fast on Friday as tomorrow is my 3rd run of Week 2.

New Years Day I weighed 12 4lbs, exercising and eating less (as well as not drinking wine) I now weigh 11st 9lbs.

My aim is to lose around 1lb week, although 2lb would be nice!

Hopefully by around June when one of my lads graduate from Uni I will be 10st or less. Best not get down to 9 stone as I have always promised my other half that I will marry him ( we've been together 22 years!)

Best of luck with your diet plan and fitness, I am looking forward to attempting Week 3 on Saturday.


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