Week 1 Run 2

Second run is done!

It was a little harder today cos I had a bit of a headache, and I also got knocked off my bike last night and was still a little sore/swollen from that. Nothing that could affect my running or anything, just my elbow that's swollen and my knee and ankle scraped, and my ankle hurt in the cold!

I bought some new running stuff, just a cheap pair of trainers, leggings and a zip up, was a bit embarrassed to wear my leggings but once I was out there running I didn't care!

Another good run done and looking forward to Friday :)

PS i hope you guys don't mind if I post after every run, it helps my motivation!

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  • Well done and ouch ! Poor you.. I have fallen off my cycle twice.. not nice at all!!!

    Well done you for running... you strut your stuff in those leggings! Let the jealous ones stare!

    Keep posting, it is great motivation and we are all here to support and encourage! :)

  • Thank you! It was a teenager with no lights on his bike who came zooming out of a junction... I went flying into the road and he didn't even stop to check I was okay!

    I'm sure I'll look great in my leggings as the weeks progress - just got to keep thinking about that!

    I will do! Thanks again!

  • You will look great.. I have some really bright ones, and I love running in them!

  • Sorry to hear about your accident. I had a Van do a u turn in junction and come straight out into main road in front of me on way to work .That was a few months ago. Luckily about 6 am with no other traffic. I managed somehow to swerve and wedge myself against a tree on opposite side of road.

    Luckily just got bruise and niggly shoulder for a month.

    Well done for getting back into your running despite accident.

  • Vans are the worst, they always overtake so close to you as well! Mine was about 11pm, so no traffic as well, which is a good job as I landed in between lanes and my bike ended up in the other lane!


  • Definitely keep posting - I post after every run at the moment because the support and encouragement are so valuable. Sometimes just thinking about how I'll write my post can help to get through a tough bit ;) And the folks here are always so wiling to rejoice with you after a good run, provide support and encouragement when the going's tough or the frustrations high.

    Well done for getting through your run 2, especially woke rather batteries and bruised! On to run 3 now :)

  • I think about that, too! Yeah, everyone here is great :)

  • You are definitely made of the right stuff to be a runner. If you were into your gear and out of the door with a collection of swollen elbow, cuts and grazes, then you will have this programme done and dusted in style :)

    Glad to know you're into leggings - they are tons more comfortable to run in than baggy stuff, IMHO. As for posting after every run, go for it! I'm looking forward to reading up on your progress.

  • Thanks, that's really good to hear, I wasn't sure if I was right for running but it seems like I'm on the right track!

    They're definitely more comfortable I agree!

    Thank you, I'm looking forward to sharing with you all and reading your posts too :)

  • Ow!! Glad you are recovering after your bump, and well done for completing your second run! πŸ™‚ Definately keep posting after each run if that helps. I know it helped me when I was doing the programme. When the runs got tougher and the gremlins struck, I would think about how I wanted to write a successful post on here and that would drive me on! Sounds as though you are really enjoying the programme which is great! Happy running!πŸƒπŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ˜€

  • Thanks!

    That's definitely what's helping me to get out there and run!

  • Well done for getting out there!

    I find I feel embarrassed when walking, but don't really care when running (too busy concentrating on other things, like breathing and running!) :)

    I post after every run - I find it makes me want to do it as I feel accountable! (and everyone on here is so supportive :) )

  • Thanks!

    Yeah when I'm walking and others are running, I'm wondering if they're like, just run! And I feel like saying I'm being told what to do here!!

  • Most runners will know what you are doing, as you know we are an observent lot, they will be willing you on rather than anything else ! πŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ˜€

  • ouch.. hope the lumps and bumps are on the mend soon x Well done for getting out there today and nailing it. As for the leggings I was the same when I first went out last week, felt very self conscious for about a minute then forgot all about it as I got into the podcast. Go you x

  • Thanks! Yeah you end up just getting lost in the running and it's all worth it when you get home and feel great :)

  • Definitely x

  • Post as often as you like - it really helps! Hope you're not too sore after your fallπŸ’Š

  • Thanks! It could have been worse so I'm lucky really :)

  • Keep posting, it's great to watch the story unfold :)

  • Thanks, hopefully it will have a happy ending!

  • Well done ! That takes some guts to get out there after a fall, I hope youre okay xxx

    Oh yes , please post after every run, it really helps in keeping you focused and its great to look back on here and see how far you have come . Plus we are here to support you along your way , win-win ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you!

  • Knocked off your bike, you poor thing! Glad you're ok and amazing that you still managed your run! Well done. Of course you can post, we love to hear whenever a run's completed, that's what we're here for! :)

  • Thanks! I'm glad I still managed to get out there and do it!

  • Well done for getting out there. Sorry to hear you were knocked off your bike, it's what I dread most :/ Look forward to hearing about your future progress!

  • It was just some teenager being a total idiot, hopefully it doesn't happen too often, and you're all good if you wear a helmet/have lights etc I guess! Thank you!

  • You are doing great! Yes please keep posting we like to watch the story unfold! Take care on that bike πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜€

  • Thanks - Ill try!

  • My goodness that shows dedication, I think I would have used the fall as an excuse to delay the run so well done! I also like to compose posts as I run, on my graduation run I made up a poem!

  • I was so close to doing it! Ahh good idea, did you post it?

  • Sorry to hear about your bump & well done for getting out there to run. I wear leggings fir running as I find them easier to run in...don't give a second thought to what anyone else thinks, you are out there doing it 😊 I post after every run because I, like you, compose my post as I am running & it gets me through the session and the support on here is fab...it has got me through to the end of Wk 3. I love reading about everyone's progress, it motivates me to keep at it so post awa.

  • Thank you :) Well done for getting to week 3!

  • Well done on your run and you did well to get back out there after your accident, hope you are feeling better.

    I also like to post after every run but stopped myself on Tuesday as I felt silly hahaha. For the same reasons as you it really helps during my run.

    I also had a loom round today at some clothing as I feel that this is something I'm really enjoying. I don't feel very confident running in the day though I feel much better when it's dark as I get embarrassed

  • Thank you! Keep running in the dark if it makes you comfortable, but I've learned that no one is really bothered and if they are, that's their problem cos you're the one out there doing great!

  • you're on same schedule as me so keep posting! thats what i'll be doing - as you say - its motivation - looking forward to tomorrow's run!

    take care


  • Yeah it seems so! Good luck for tomorrow, will you be starting week 2 on Sunday or Monday?

  • Hi - so thats W1R3 done - I've seen you're post and congrats to you too!

    I'm thinkin mon wed and fri runs suit me so I'm going to stick to that - i'll go for walks etc during the weekend to keep up the momentum and start W2R1 on monday - i am really excited! still find it hard to believe I'll actually end up running for a solid 30mins!

    I'm doing this all on the treadmill at home and hope to eventually be able to venture out!

    I see you're already doing this all outside and I'm sure this must definitely be harder - with the elements and rises and dips etc etc. I'm hoping I don't get a shock when i hit the roads and find i've wasted my time/training on the treadmill - i hope I don't regret it, maybe get a false sense of security!

    anyway - time will tell -have a good weekend and good luck with W2R1 - and enjoy your time back at Uni.


    Kaz x

  • Hi!

    Sorry it took me so long to reply, I've had such a busy weekend!

    Mon/Weds/Fri suits me too - starting week 2 tomorrow then! I've been for walks this weekend too, and I'm trying to cycle rather than get the bus during the week. Hopefully we will feel the benefits this week.

    Doing it outside is nice, but you get lovely distractions so I can imagine it would be hard on the treadmill too! If you do venture out, just take it slow, I haven't found any bumps in the road to be too much of a hindrance to my running to be honest.

    Good luck for tomorrow (today!! I need to go to bed)

    Ciera x

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