week 2 run1 - YES!!!

Good morning to all you runners. I have done the first run this week and though knackered now have to say it was not too bad. The first 90 seconds seemed like forever but once I had done the 2 minute walk seemed to recover a bit better than I thought. I do not expect wednesdays run to be a good one as this one went a little too well. The trick for me is not to count the seconds - just look around and try and lose myself whilst actually running. I decided whilst on the last 90 seconds today that if I get to the end of week 3 without any upsets then i will treat myself to a new pair of real running shoes - my body is not ready for the black clingy leggings that most experienced runners seem to wear but to be honest I don't think it ever will be! All in all a good start to the week.

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  • Well done Shakylegs.

    You're not alone in your feelings about the "black clingy leggings"! :-o

  • Thanks for your your praise and the black leggings are on hold for sometime (well for ever...).

  • Fair play Shaky, now you've done it once you'll be grand the rest of the week.

  • Lets hope so.....kind of getting into this now.

  • Oh this is good news shaky.....very good news. Well done. I did the same as you, not counting the seconds, having a right old chat with myself about any old nonsense and focusing a lot on breathing. Not only did this take my mind off the run, it has been an invaluable coping mechanism throughout the program. I am now running for 25mins and without those little tricks I would die of boredom or lack of oxygen lol.

    As for the black leggings of clingy doom......I am very overweight and yes I do wear them for running and classes. They are really comfy and anyone not coping with my curves can swivel ;)

    Well done on your great attitude and all the best for a great wk.

    Jems x

  • Thanks Jems for the encouragement and well done you on running 25 mins - that is amazing and I am still not entirely convinced that I will ever run 10 without stopping several times let alone 25 but am ready to give it a try. Lets see what happens on Wednesday! Have a great evening.

  • Well done and all the best for tomorrow! You are so right, I have still not worn the clingy black leggings outside the house! Maybe next year ...

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