End of week 5

End of week 5

Hi All,

Well I'd been quite nervous all day about this evening's run but not sure what I was worried about! I was glad to have seen the sun today but at 6pm when I went out it was chucking it down! The rain was quite torrential so I waited for a break in the rain and set out! Got a bit soaked in the last 10 minutes but I really really enjoyed it! I found myself with my head down and feeling a bit defeated before I'd even started but I put my head up and looked forward and I felt better.

So all in all, very excited, no pain or anything and really looking forward to week 6!!!!

@Saul - have you done yours today?

Elsie xxx


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16 Replies

  • Go Girl.... Woo woo look at you. Well done, on your first try too☺☺☺, I'm finding week 6 easier than 5

  • I keep crying, is that normal??? I can't believe I've done it!!! Haha!

  • You big girls blouse! Haha you soak all that glory up, you earned it and only you know how much effort it took to get you this far.. X

  • Haha it makes me an emotional wreck! I've never done anything so well fitness wise so I think that's why I'm so chuffed! My kids say they are proud of me............enough said!!!! ;-) xxx

  • You're now making me fill up....

  • It could be the fear and anticipation of my w6d3 full on 25 minutes tomorrow morning run though

  • Haha yeh that's more like it! Good luck tomorrow, I'm going to have to find a longer route soon. I keep ending too far from home!!!! x

  • Great stuff Elsie and look, if you can run 20 mins, you can run 25. If you can run 25, you can run 28. If you can run 28, you can sure as heck run 30. That's the rest of the programme, goal in sight. Feels brilliant, doesn't it?

  • It sure does, thanks for that perspective...........nearly there! xxx

  • Fantastic Elsie ! Thats a major milestone you have just overcome , Well done !

    Onwards to Week 6 ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks poppypug! Can't wait to start week 6! Will probably be Sunday as I'm away for a few days next week! xxx

  • Well done! Thats a real milestone acheived !week 6 run 1 is a bit strange when it goes back to intervals so have a determined head on for that one. Youre doing brilliantly! 😊

  • Thanks so much! I must admit I did quite enjoy not having to stop! xxx

  • Hey Elsie,

    Well done and congratulations! Yes I went out today and completed my run as well. Have posted up my run times and story.


  • Well done

    It is very emotional - and a great achievement - be proud

  • Hi Elsie, I've been on holiday so no decent internet access to watch out for your posts. I'm so pleased your now heading to week 6. I've still got last run of week 5 to do, that will be today but after reading your post about it I'm actually looking forward to it.

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