Why did I worry so much about week 5, run 3?

I have to say that after worrying all week about the dreaded 20 minute run, It was really enjoyable. Did I just write that? I would never have believed that I had the ability to run for that length of time without being totally exhausted. The worse part of the run for me was at the eighteen minute mark because I thought Laura was going to tell me I had finished when in fact she said I had two minutes to go! Hope everyone else who was at this point in the programme was successful as well. Looking forward with confidence to week 6.


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15 Replies

  • Brilliant well done - its amazing isnt it and it is enjoyable and I never thought I'd ever say that! - keep going and good luck for week 6!

  • Glad you enjoyed it as well. I though I'd pay for it today with very sore legs as I had to work a night shift but I've just got up and they're ok. Thanks for the good luck wishes. How far are you in the programme?

  • That 20 minute run was a real breakthrough run for me. I was a little bit worried about running for so long without stopping but it felt amazing to know that I had done it! So glad you enjoyed it. Now make the most of your last two interval runs next week. :-)

  • Thanks for your lovely comments. I've had a peep at next week and it seems as if I'm going to go backwards for the first two runs? Oh well, I'll trust Laura as she got me this far.

  • It's definitely not backwards, although it is tempting to think that you can go faster as you're "only doing short runs" again. I think it's more of a consolidation before you start doing only long runs. Anyway, good luck with it. You're more than half way to graduation!

  • Well done! I'm only on week 2 but it' a great feeling. Even if I'm pushing myself to do the run, I always enjoy and feel really good for having done it.

  • Thank you. I have worried about every week ahead but have achieved all the runs. I also have to push myself as I'm a complete beginner. I remember week 2. I remember thinking it was never going to end! Keep going and you will build up your stamina.

  • Well done! Very encouraging news, as am coming up to this run myself (tomorrow) and am very nervous about it, as runs 1 and 2 this week have been difficult. Will take courage from your success.

  • Well done to you as well. I agree that this week has been difficult but if you have completed runs 1 and 2 you are ready for the 20 minutes. I made sure I didn't start off too quickly, not that I am fast but my mind sometimes tells me that if I go faster I'll finish quicker. Good luck and please let me know how you get on.

  • I made it! Can't say it was easy, but actually once the mental battles had been fought, felt physically better than on W5 R2Run. You and all the others on here who had shared their experiences of Week 5 were running with me and helped me through. Thank you!

  • Well done, you did it! We are over half way there now! Good luck with week 6. I'm doing run 1 tomorrow. I'm not going to worry about it this week, just trust the programme and myself. Xxx

  • Well done! I did it yesterday & can't say enjoyed it but loved the feeling afterwards! Fantastic feeling ... Now to wk 6! We will be runners before we know it :-)

  • Well done!!! Yes it is a fantastic feeling. I honestly struggled to run for a minute at a time in the beginning! Good luck with week 6 and let me know how it goes.

  • We are doing good welshwoman56! Looking forward to starting week 6 tomorrow, after wk5 run 3 I don't think we will have a problem and I'm almost looking forward to wk6 run 3! x

  • Hi 2girls, nice to see you on here. See you tomorrow at 2pm. Xxx

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