Week 1 Complete

Got up nice and early this morning to try and miss the heat, was a bit cooler and more shade running around the park. Shin muscles are still hurting a bit but i have a relaxing day planned today and possibly just a swim tomorrow. Looking forward to beginning week 2 and its really encourgaing that i lot of members are at the same stage as me and are equally positive!

4 Replies

  • Well done on completing week 1, in the early weeks all my leg muscles hurt at one time or another, in my case i think it was my body in shock i was moving.:0

    Good luck with week 2

  • Well done and keep it up :-)

  • Good man! Week two day one for me and if it helps to know I found it quite easy (and dare I say it enjoyable) not running at a million mph but going at a steady jog. Keep on keeping on

  • Great to hear that it's not likely to be a massive leap up in week 2! really looking forward to next run and really want to crack on tomorrow but should give my aching legs a rest. Hope i enjoy it as much as you when i do it tuesday morning!

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