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Week 1 Complete!

Well as of today I finally completed week 1! I originally wanted to start mid April but we had a late spring here and since I'm running outside, I found ice on my path to be a big issue. So I waited a week or so when the weather was nicer to run outside but had to maneuver around huge lake sized puddles. I know I'll come across weather conditions that are unfavorable on my runs but with just starting out, I wanted to be able to focus completely on my form and pace etc. and not have to deal with huge obstacles.

So the long awaited decent weather finally came last week and I set out on my program. The runs went pretty smoothly for the most part, my calves hurt a bit at the beginning of each run but the pain mostly went away towards the halfway point. I felt winded after each 1 min run but still felt I could breath and was able to catch my breath no problem during the walks.

It's funny, the first four runs I was like "this is pretty easy, I can totally do this". Then the last four runs when my phone app beeped for me to run I was like "Good god, I gotta run again?" lol. Over all though it was pretty manageable. I'm not completely confident I'll handle the 90sec runs but I'll find out in a couple days. I know I can always spend more time on week 1 if I need to.

Thanks for listening to my ramble!


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Well done Sherri. I had a similar experience to you too but don;t worry about Week 2....I did my first run on week 2 yesterday and thought "I'll never be able to do this!" BUT I DID and you will too.

Mind those puddles!


Well done Sherri, you will amaze yourself with what you are capable of. Soon you will be ploughing through the puddles!


i did my second W1 run today and managed to do 6 mins of the runs (i only did 4.5 on my first run out!). i cant believe i managed to do that much to be fair as i have never been one for exercise.

I am looking forward to doing more and more and have even mapped out my final 5k route....i know, slightly ahead of myself haha


Well done for starting the program , do what Laura said take it slowly and you will be fine ,if this 74 year old can do it tell yourself I can. Pat :-)


WELL DONE SHERRI! You must feel pretty good I imagine. i am about to set off on my W1R3 but finding it a challenge to get out the door. Never been an athletic type and can't say I am enjoying it yet. These blogs are a great help but a bit of 'Feel good factor' would help me right now. Good luck on week 2. I'm sure you'll do it!


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