Week 1 complete!!

Well today I finished W1R3! It's so cold that I almost didn't reach for those running shoes... but I did!

I took a different route today so I didn't enjoy the run as much, cos I wasn't accompanied by 'my' beautiful lake, I won't make that mistake again! I also had a blister which wasn't fun :(

My arms and collarbones are still pretty sore from my fall on Tuesday, and the bruises only seem to be getting worse! But it makes me feel good after my run that I did it despite these things.

The nerves are kicking in for week 2 now... how much of a step up is it? I'm also back to uni next week so I'll have to plan my runs around it, and Ill probably be more tired, but I've made changes to my diet so hopefully that will help :)


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22 Replies

  • Well done a blister doesn't sound like much fun. Are you using proper running socks? - they make all the difference.

  • No, just normal trainer socks, I may have to invest in them!

  • It is good to vary routes if you can - but I can see that running by a lake would be particularly appealing :) Well done for defying the cold, the blister, and the bruises and getting through it anyway! On to week two... :)

  • Maybe the lake once or twice a week then! Thanks, I'm looking forward to it!

  • Don't worry about week 2. Slightly longer runs but less of them. It's all relative :) You'll be fine! Well done on finishing the first week.

  • Oh okay, I'm looking forward to seeing how I cope with it! Thanks :)

  • Take it slow...If I can do it anyone can. Although have been ill since run 2 of the second week so I still have run 3 to do...And if it's a struggle I'll repeat a run or two...Not running till I'm better tho.

  • It's a good idea to rest a bit rather than keep going :) good luck!

  • Just go steady and you'll be fine. Eat well! Stick to a healthy diet and you will feel better ☺

  • Thanks! Been doing well so far, but eating healthy while at uni might be a challenge... :P

  • Well done for getting out there and doing it. You will soon start being tempted by new routes, I promise. I agree with Ully: running socks are the way to go if you don't want blisters. As for week two, you will ROCK it. Have a lovely weekend and a great start to the new term at uni!

  • Thanks! Yeah ill have to have a look at getting some. Thank you so much... now the real challenge begins!

  • Well done. Week 2 will be a doddle.

    As other have said, running socks will prevent blisters. You don't need expensive ones.

  • Okay, I'll have a look :) Thank you!

  • You showed real determination to get out there today - you'll smash week 2!

  • Thanks!

  • Listen to Ullyrunner , she talks sense!

    Poor you with your bumps and bruises.. but you did it anyway!

    Focus on now.. not what is to come... you will get there.. and, back to University ? A great way to relax, lose yourself and recharge! Well done :)

  • Ill have a look at them!

    Thank you!

  • Well done for doing your run in the cold. Stick with it and you'll find how much nicer it is to run when the weather is a bit milder. It's nice to change up routes too and you'll soon learn which you prefer (maybe your preference will change day to day like mine seems to but it's nice to have options :) ).

    You can do Week 2 (and every other week for that matter as long as you've completed the previous week, which you have). Each week is a step up, some feel bigger than others but go slow, trust the programme as it has prepared you for each next run. Don't think too much about it and certainly don't worry. Others have done it and you can do it too!

  • Yes, I was thinking today how nice it will be as the year goes on!

    I definitely trust the programme, so I'm more excited than nervous for tomorrow now :)

  • I have found each week's step up achievable without too much pain, if that helps. Keep up the good work 👍

  • Yeah I found that out today to be honest, wasn't too bad, thanks!

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