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Week 1 Complete ! GOBSMACKED

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I completed Week 1 on Saturday morning at an ungodly hour as I don't have the confidence to go out when other super fit, super toned goddesses are out running. I never believed for one minute I would be able to run for 60 seconds let alone 8 times! I have tried running in the past and C25K is the only thing I've tried that has worked. The podcasts are a godsend and although the music is a bit s**t I find the beats work to keep you at a slow steady pace. I have been out 4 times in the last 7 days and if anyone out there feels they can't do it, you can! Trust me, I'm 45 years old and overweight and absolutely hate exercising! I bought a belt to hold my phone and keys and already I've had to bring it in a notch! That in itself is more rewarding than standing on the scales at a Slimming Club and seeing the pounds come off (which they never do).

I can't say I'm looking forward to week 2 tonight after work but I am going to do this! Wish me luck peeps :)

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Good luck! As you complete the weeks you're confidence will grow. You might even get to enjoy it!!

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Lots of luck and well done. Take it slow and take it steady, the advice that you will hear, loads of times from the folk on here :)

Embrace the music, we all do, (well most of us), and listen to the lovely Laura. You will get there and the many benefits apart from the running, are amazing! :)

We will encourage you along the way. lots of tips and support, keep posting!

Good luck. Keep going. You are doing amazing x

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Well done - great start. We all started from where you are - you will do this!

Slow and steady, make sure you take your rest days and stretch out after your runs - good luck!

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Well done LisaB, you've done brilliantly so far and you'll definitely make it through W2 I agree you will start to enjoy running, I'm addicted to the podcasts lol.

Oh! The music was getting to me I've even told Laura off couple of times bless her, I love her really for doing the c25k for us without Laura, I don't think I would have managed to run for I minute let alone 25 minutes none stop. I'm at W7 now and decided Laura knows best and to keep to her music till the end of the podcast.

Have a good day and wishing you the best with W2 run.


Thanks Josepha! I called Laura an utter bitch on Thursday (run 2). If anyone had seen or heard me they'd think I was a complete nutter, cursing to myself !

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Josepha2263Graduate in reply to LisaB1971

Omg! You're not as bad as me there's one song I hated in W2 my partner took the brunt of it all he thought I've gone completely mad, poor man didn't know what hit him, I got back home ranting and raving about one of the song that if I hear that song again I'm not going to be able to run any further with music like that it's way too slow for me but you're right it is to keep us going slow.


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Irish-JohnGraduate in reply to LisaB1971

You got to run 2before doing that? I did not get through run one day one without wanting to strangle her and then just lie down and die myself Lol

Well done for completing your first week ;)

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The kerapp music used to make me laugh. It is pretty terrible. Still, what don't kill you ......

You are not alone in your avoiding other people on runs. Many of us here can identify with that, hiding away in the local woods, running at ungodly hours like over-stuffed ninjas. Fun though! I think we've all verbally abused Laura out loud! Poor lass. I have even apologised to her out loud. It makes us go a bit fruit loop this running lark and you start behaving weirdly, speaking to invisible people and punching the air for no apparent reason. Fun though!

Keep up the good work, and remember to go nice and steady! Running slowly is all you need to do.

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Well done for getting started! The results are amazing and in a couple of months you will be running for 30 minutes, amazed at yourself!

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Well done Lisa, great stuff !

Yes the music does leave a lot to be desired doesn't it ? Strangely enough, I became quite fond of it in time. It sort of grew on me for some reason .

Laura was my bestest friend in the whole world ever for 9 weeks and when I graduated , I missed her ! Ha ha :-D

Youre up and running, keep going, youre doing great ! :-) xxx

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Oh, great news that you're on your way! Stick with it, it will work. Laura is very resilient to the abuse hurled at her, and she does know her stuff. However, as for her taste in music.....still, no-one's perfect!

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Well done for completing week one you are doing great, good luck with week 2 keep us informed

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Isnt it an amazing feeling :) I'm at w5d2 and this 56 year old veteran of adventures all over the world feels more excited about it than anything since Christmas morning when a wee kid 😃 Keep on, cos it just gets better and better 😃

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LisaB1971 in reply to Irish-John

Hi John

I just did week 4 run 1. Never thought I'd get this far, when our Laura told me I'd run more than walked I could have jumped for joy if my calves hadn't been on fire!

I'm going to celebrate and have wine tonight instead of tomorrow as I'm actually looking forward to my run on Sunday morning!

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Irish-JohnGraduate in reply to LisaB1971

I will be running tomorrow morning, as usual nervous about it as a part of me just cannot get my head around the fact that it is highly likely - based on progress so far - that I have a good chance of completing it if not on the first go on some subsequent try. I don't drink anymore so please do have a glass for me on Sunday :)

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Fantastic!! You can do it:))) I hid behind bins when I started, so no one would see me in running gear, no I don't care:)

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