I've only gone and blooming GRADUATED!!!! I've been trying to complete run 3 of week 9 for the past 3 runs, it was third time lucky this evening that I achieved my goal and completed this programme, I'm soooo looking forward to having my little badge!! :o) So the first attempt at run 3, I thought I'd try a new route to spice things up a little and keep me motivated for my final run, I got half way through and came to a dead end..... well it was a train track and I wasn't sure if I should cross it, the "DANGER" "ยฃ1000 penalty for crossing" signs put me off and made my decision, however it took me at least 1 minute of standing/wandering around to come to this decision. When I decided to turn back and head home whlist making detours to ensure I ran for a full 30 mins, but it just kept getting worse! I was struggling to stay upright as the track had huge crater like tyre tracks, (I didn't want to injure myself at this stage), the sun was in my eyes, the wind was blowing my hair in my face and I was VERY hot!! I did finish the full run despite my pause halfway through. However I decided that as this was my graduation run I did not wish to 'cheat' and stop halfway through even if it was through no fault of my own! So i decided I would give it another go in a few days. (I was quite impressed with my own determination!)

Take 2..... So out i set on Monday for my second attempt on Monday, it was chucking it down with rain, I purchased a cap over the weekend to solve the hair problem and it came in very handy for this run. I got absolutely soaked but I loved running in the rain it was so refreshing!! However about half way through I felt like I needed to do a wee (sorry for the detail but I feel the need to share my story!). Anyway I kept going and kept telling myself to stop being stupid! On my way back at about 25 mins i pass the village hall which was open for Weight Watchers, so I dive in pause Laura and well you know the rest! Then I set off again with 5 mins to go, but I felt like I cheated again so still didn't feel like I could say i'd graduated! So thought I'd try AGAIN tonight!!

Take 3.... I was excited about this run all day today, which caused me some concern as I NEVER thought I would be like that and I thought if I'm keen i'm likely to have a difficult run so tried to contain myself all day, luckily a friend at work has also recently done the programme and I could bore her to tears with it at times during the day! So I get home, rush to get ready and get out, get in a bit of a muddle with the Endomondo thing, plus my own music plus trying to work out a way of timing the 30 mins, couldn't face Laura's bad music today! So off I go, start running full of beans, even to the point where I'm singing ....."I'm sexy and I know it...." however after a few seconds i realise I'm not fit enough to run and sing outloud!!! I was that happy to be out that I was even singing outloud!! How sad??!! So after stopping myself singing and also disposing of my chewing gum as i think this also made me forget to breathe I found my stride. I thought (in my head!) "Yeah baby I can do this, today is the day I graduate!!!" and I did it!! WOO HOO GO ME!!!

What I also learnt today when using my own music for the first time is that it makes me run faster, I did my fastest time and longest distance and enjoyed it.

So the moral of my long story...... don't chew gum whilst running and don't sing out loud whilst running they make you forget to breathe!!!

Happy running peeps! :o) now how do I get my graduate badge????

PS. Sorry for the essay I just needed to share!! :o)


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  • WOW! Well done on your determination and congratulations on graduating. Thanks also for a very funny post, especially attempt 2 :-)

  • Well done you, I have to say I am totally impressed with your determination not to 'cheat' and do it so properly. You had me in stitches, I've been debating for the past two weeks whether it is OK to mention that when I'm just getting into my run I need to wee really badly and now I know it's OK. Thanks for making me laugh I needed that! Tomorrow I'm doing week 7 run 2 and am so pleased with myself. I can't believe I've come this far. Congratulations and hope you keep running :)

  • Thanks guys, I'm very pleased with myself, never thought I'd have done it when I started. Also good to know I'm not alone with the whole pee thing!! :o)

  • Congratulations, we graduate together. Must admit today was the first day I didnt use Laura as i have problems syncing with my Nike plus, so I had David Getto on and don't know if it was the music, the thought I was graduating or the fact hubby ran with me but I think it's the best run I have ever had. Now having wine to celebrate

  • Great blog ! And well done on graduating. I can't drink tea before running - I wouldn't get far without an emergency wee-stop ! Strangely, I usually hate chewing gum but I like it when I'm running - I had sinusitis for the first few weeks and needed Airwaves gum so I could breathe so I suppose it's just a habit now.

  • Yah well done, such determination well deserved! Now go get your badge you did to message JR21. Great blog to made me smile:))

  • sorry that should say "you NEED to message JR21" im tired:((

  • Well done , love the "sticktoitivness" :0 )

  • Well done, that is great! I have 2 runs to go and have been motivated to keep on

  • Congratulations! Third time lucky :)

  • Congratulations, I too have struggled with the bathroom blues but at four miles in it's not usually a wee! Damn the runner's trots!! (as we're sharing!)


  • Well done you. Loved the stories on all the attempts you made me laugh out loud...

  • Well done that's sucha great post - I can't help but smile at your determination to graduate in style!

  • Congrats on a great achievement... Happy running

  • Congratulations, glad to read that it's not just me that's strict about completing the runs properly! I'm due to graduate Sunday and I'm so excited too.

  • 10 out of 10 for determination....and for the humour!

    Very funny...wonder what all the weightwatcher ladies thought as you ran through!!!!

    :) :)

  • Congratulations and well done for keeping going until you felt it was the real thing. Your exploits made me laugh. :)

  • Well done, cubed. KWYM about doing it 'properly' - stiles and shoe laces are my only excuse. Stripping off has to be done on the move (even if moving on the spot) Ditto dog poo gathering.

    Can very much relate to the bathroom blues - dunno whether my bladder is telling me porky pies though due to all that strain/strengthening for my pelvic floor. I have always (thus far) managed to hold out in practice.

    So when I say, keep it going... don't take it the wrong way!

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