W7R1 isn't it supposed to get easier?

Well this was the hardest run so far. I really struggled. I managed to get through the 25 mins but it was not easy at all. My pulse was crazy high too! I didn't run faster than usual and I ate a banana half an hour before my run. However, I only recently started running with music and I think it makes it harder for me to control my breath. Does that make sense?

I hope the next run will be better.


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14 Replies

  • Well done Minimaxi :D ! 3rd sentence, 1st 8 words is all you need to keep you going ;) ...xx

  • hehe :D that's true!

  • It will get easier. Your aerobic capacity is improving bit by bit but, as they say "Rome wasn't built in a day".

    Your breathing and your pulse are, of course very closely linked as they, together, work to deliver oxygen to where it is needed.

    I know it's hard but just keep plodding away, running as slowly as you need to finish the required time. Every time you go out, you get a little bit stronger and a little bit fitter - in time those gains add up.

  • Thanks, this is so helpful! I mean I know that it will get better but to have someone else say it makes it easier to believe :D

  • Oh Minimaxi - bless you. I do find more upbeat music helps. I was meant to do my W7R1 this am but didn't finish work till gone 2am so knew I wouldn't be in a fit state at the best of times so postponed mine till tomorrow. I too have a banana to fuel me. Persevere with it. I think the more I think about the breathing the worse it is. When Laura did the breaths I couldn't inhale for as long as she wanted me too. When I struggle with my breathing I find widening my pace and dropping/relaxing my shoulders helps...but that's just me. Watch this space tomorrow - I'm sure I'll be your de ja vu. But you did it! Well done 😊

  • Ah, my digital running buddy :D

    Yep, running with upbeat music is definitely more fun! I actually took the time to put together a playlist with motivational songs :D

    I really hope you'll have a nicer run than me ;)

  • We all have runs that don't seem to go our way and this will continue up until graduation and beyond. It could be down to change in listening material. I usually listen to music and once put a favourite podcast on thinking how great it will be to be able to learn while I run and disappointingly I just couldn't get into a rhythm. You got through it though! Perhaps stick with what you're used to until the end of the programme and then you can experiment a bit with what you listen to. Chalk that one off and onwards to W7R2! :)

  • Yes I think next time I will run without music again and see if it makes a difference. Never change a running (hehe) system eh? ;)

  • It does get harder as you are running longer each time... but it will start to feel more comfortable as you graduate and get used to running for 30 minutes... well done, you are doing brilliantly 😎

  • Thank you! :) I'll definitely keep going.

  • I had a similar last week as W7R2, made it through but just wanted to stop the whole time it was the worst run I've had. But the 3 runs after that have all been good, and even enjoyable. From what people have said is that occasionally tough runs do happen. The important thing is you got through it and finished it off. Good luck for R3 x

  • Thanks, that sounds promising! I hope my next runs will be more enjoyable too :) I decided to take 2 days for recovering before doing R2. Hopefully I'll have a similar experience then :) You must be close to graduation then?

  • 4 more runs to go :D. The last few weeks I've been giving myself a 2 day rest before starting the next week, so that may be helping the poor old body to recover too ;) Just take it slow and steady. I try slowing down if I start to feel like the legs are speeding up. You can do it x

  • I wonder if the hard runs are just the body's way of making you stronger. Well done on getting to W7 ... it's such a great accomplishment

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