Straying away from Laura!

I feel like I have betrayed Laura!! Sob!! My run today was supposed to be Wk6R1 which involved running and walking and running as usual.....however, as my Race for LIfe is looming round the corner, I decided that I am short of time so took the decision to jump ahead to Wk6R3 which involves a 25min run.

I honestly didn't think I could seeing as the last run of 20min was so hard but I was going to give it a go and do my best.....and I DID IT!!! It was easier than I thought even though my pace was pretty pathetic but I was 'running' nonetheless! (although running like someone on TV with it on slow playback!)

I know I should stick to the program but I SO want to run the whole 5k in ten days time so my plan is to up my run each time by 5 mins so that come the race day, I can at least jog for 45mins which I hope will pretty much get me to the end of the 5k....more or less!

I still feel so bad for going on my journey without Laura but needs must, I think! It's been great having her with me each run but I'm going to try it on my own with my own music and my Nike+ app to tell me how far and how long I've run....wish me luck!


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  • When I've hit the 30min mark and beyond, I will return for my graduate badge of honour though cos by golly, I've earned it these last few weeks!! LOL x

  • I left Laura today for W8R1 but I will probably get her back when she is charged up! Iam fine without her although I do miss her encouragement. My 16yr old son comes with me as my "personal trainer"! so that helps.

    I too, am doing Race for Life but on 1st July so good luck to you and keep us posted! :)

  • I am doing Race for Life on 1st July also (may be its the same one). Its a shame we wont have C25K t-shirts before then I would have been really proud to wear one.

  • Mine is in Bedford :)

  • Mine is in Leeds. Best of luck with yours.

  • I'm sure Laura will forgive both of you because she really has done her job well if you are able to run 30 minutes or even 5K in another week.

    Well done to both of you. I'll admit that I did the same when I did C25K for the second time (repeated it due to absense of 3 months). Good luck to both of you for your Race for Life. :)

  • I think as long as it's working for you that's ok. Myself and my mum started at week 4 as we were at a certain level of fitness. Also as long as you're moving you're lapping everyone on the couch! :) Well done

  • Thats v ery true! We are lapping people on the couch! Haha :D

  • oooh, maybe that could be on our t-shirts? 'lapping the couch' or 'faster than the couch'???!!!!

  • Yesssss! :D

  • greyhounds are known as the 40mph couch potatoes, so there must be a name for us!

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