Yes W5R3 completed - I did it !!!

I'm afraid I ditched Laura for the big run. I listened to Laura on Monday night and took in all the advice about breathing and pacing but decided that the music was too awful to motivate me to run 20 minutes. I used to create a playlist of songs at pace 8 and went out and ran to my own music. I set Nike+ on the ipod to 20 minutes and started it up after my warm up walk.

The first five minutes were the hardest. After ten minutes I was feeling so proud of myself for running ten minutes and being half way. I knew at this point that I could do it. After 15 minutes I felt great. Nike+ lets you know when there are 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 minute left so that really helped. Plus running to my own music helped too.

When I loaded my results to Nike+ I found out that I'd run at a pace of 7.5 min/km which may not sound fast but to me it's a great achievement.

Can't wait to get out there again on Friday.

A big thank you to everyone in this community for sharing their experiences and encouraging me to get this far!


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21 Replies

  • Hi Daisy, I just completed the same run today and it's a great feeling... I didn't listen ahead so plugged on with the music! Well done!

  • Thank you and well done to you too! Good luck with week 6.

  • Massive congratulations, that a huge milestone completed within the c25K plan :)

  • Thank you. It does feel like the plan is getting serious now!

  • Well done! Finishing W5R3 definitely feels like the start of being a real runner. Enjoy the rest!

  • Thank you. Yes I'm starting to feel like a real runner!

  • Congratulation! Must check out this Nike+ and Sounds fascinating Good luck with the rest of the programme.

  • Thank you. Nike+ is on my ipod as I don't have a smart phone. It doesn't do the map but for me time and distance is all I need at the moment. is a website where you can find music which has a bpm (beat per minute) to match your running pace. All good stuff!

  • Well done! Week 5 is a key run. It does make a difference running to your own music, good luck with week 6.

  • Thank you. Can't imagine running without my own music now!

  • Yay! Keep going - you're past the halfway mark now, and know you can do it! :)

  • Thank you. Yes, 25 minutes and 30 minutes do seem achievable after 20 minutes.

  • Well done. Most interested in you ditching Laura - much as I need her I look forward to different music. If you have the time would you post an idiots guide to the jog fm and Nike + - I have an iPhone - have made a running play list and know how to customize that onto the Nike 'thing' but the calibration thing has foiled me. Excuse my ignorance! Does the Nike 'thing' tell you when you have a min left etc? Thank you - well done with all your running. I ha e W6 R2 to do today!

  • Hi, I've got Nike+ on my ipod so not sure if it's the same as the smartphone app. I can set it for time or distances and it will tell me when I've passed certain milestones. For example setting it to 20 minutes I was told when I'd done 5,10 and 15 minutes and when I had 5,4,3,2 and 1 minute left. This will voice over a podcast or music. Must admit I haven't calibrated my distances yet but for now it serves its purpose as I know if I'm getting faster and I know that it is more or less right. is just a website that will tell you the beats per minute of any song so you can make up a play list for how fast (or slow in my case) you want to run.

    Good luck with week 6!

  • Thank you for that! I will try using it. Good luck with your future runs! I am a bit achey this evening...

  • Well done and thank's for all the advice .... I've just completed Wk5R1 so it's all ahead of me!!!

  • Thank you. You'll be fine. Good luck for the rest of the programme.

  • Me too daisy! I also did week 5 run 3 last night and loved it! I can't believe it was me running for 20 minutes. Virtual high 5 and keep going!

  • Thank you and well done to you too!

  • Thanks so much for this. I'm doing W5 at the moment and am very daunted by the prospect of R3 so it's great to hear it's possible. I also tend to find the first 5 minutes of any exercise the hardest so I will just try to remember this, and that you felt great at 15 mins! :)

  • So many people on this site completed this run that I believed that I could do it and I did. I'm sure you will too. Good luck!

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