W5R3 DONE!!!!!!

I still cant quite believe that I have just run for 20 mins non stop but I have. Laura helped me right from the start, and when she said I had been running for 5 miins I thought 'thats ok I can run for 8 mins' when she said I was half way through I thought 'I can run towards home now'. The10 - 15 mins part of the run for me was the hardest and I began to struggle but concentrated on my breathing (told myself to keep breathing!!) and putting one foot in front of the other. Laura then told me I had 5 mins to go, so I just put my head down and ploughed on. Before I knew what had happend I had completed the run, I am so excited by this as I never thought I that I could run for so long. Quietly looking forward to W6R1 now.

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  • That's great! It is a wonderful feeling to get week 5 run 3 done and dusted and you should be very proud! :-)

  • I am proud but its all thanks to the help and support from everyone on this site. You have all filled me with inspiration so thank you all.

  • Well done!! It's a fantastic feeling isn't it? I bought myself a new running top as a reward! Keep going and keep posting!

  • thank you I will

  • Well done! It's an awesome feeling. :-) x

  • Well done !

  • Thank you

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