Thank you all wk7 done!

With out all of your encouragement I would not have got out this morning. I took it slow at the start my feet were barely moving, I thought about walking at 12.5 mins as suggested by lben, but thought what's the pointy legs are still moving and I m still breathing, I had no expectations about speed or distance. When Laura said 5 mins left I was shattered it I thought I m not, not going to do this 5 mins and have to repeat the whole run for the sake of 5 mins and when she said try and speed up I did. Over all I covered about 100m less distance than usual donor bad at all. Thank you all!!!

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  • Well done! Shows your mental and physical strength to get through. I did W8R1 last night, only 2 weeks til graduation for us!!!

  • Well done I sympathise because I felt just the same today. It really is mind over matter xx

  • Haha - just replied to your other post - so glad you gave it a go. Bet you feel amazingly proud of yourself now!

  • Well done! I knew you could do it. Telling yourself that a break is alright makes it much more "edible" to go out.

  • Well done you ๐Ÿ‘ It's even more exhilarating to achieve something when you really thought you couldn't do it. Very proud of you ๐Ÿ‘

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