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W5R3 done!!!

I cannot believe that I have just Run nonstop for 20 mins. 5 weeks ago I could not run for 1 minute. Actually the first 10 mins were not too bad, it was the next 5 mins that I struggled with, so I gritted my teeth and carried on. When Laura said that I had run for 15 mins then I knew I had to keep going to the end, and I made it!!! My main problem is not my legs but my breathing. I try and count 4 in, 4 out as Laura suggested early on in the programme but just can't sustain it, also I don't seem to be able to breathe in through my nose while jogging, just use my mouth all the time. Any suggestions to help with the breathing really appreciated.

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That's brilliant. It seems a massive jump at week 5 doesn't it? I tried Laura's suggestion about the breathing but tbh didn't really work for me either. I found singing along helped my breathing more. I really struggled earlier with my breathing but the more I did the better the breathing gets so keep it up. It also helps to slow down a little sometimes - and you'll find you'll recover fairly quickly now I'm sure.


Yes I certainly recover quicker now which must be a good sign, and I only start gasping after about 12 mins instead of 1!


Well done Unfit,

I'm the opposite it's my legs which think their mistress has been taken over

by aliens. They are not happy!!

My heart and lungs aren't complaining too much, they already know I'm bonkers :-)

Sorry I can't help you with the breathing, I just breathe anyway I can.

Good luck with the rest of the programme.


I can't do the breathing she talks about at all, not the four breaths or through the nose, but I'll keep trying. I'm definitely getting more fit, I can tell that at least....Congrats on w5r3!


Thanks for all your comments. These blogs really help as they let you realise that you are not alone with the problems.


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