Couch to 5K

I've done W5R3 - I can't stop grinning

Well I did it. I did my 20 min run, actually went out undecided as to whether I would do R2 again (although I did complete without problems). Hovered over the button on the iPod, plumped for R3 thinking I might need to break it down a bit and have a break. But no, I plodded on (and I mean plodded), it seemed to take ages for Laura to tell me I'd done 5 mins, then I seemed to zone out - I count 1, 2, 3, 4 constantly over and over and breath in time to that. 10 mins arrived, had a minor panic, I might run out of route! Then plodded a bit more then lovely Laura told me 5 mins left. Well easy peasy I can run 5 mins done that before. So I kept on plodding, passed my house and ran on. Then the lovely Laura told me to walk, I actually think I could have run a bit more. I am so so so pleased with myself thought I might cry, I could never have believed I could be running for 20 MINUTES when I started such a short time ago. Still running really slowly though, I drove the route later and the actual running bit was only 1.2 miles, so worked out was running around 3.7 mph!

Slow and steady think I will stick at that pace for now and concentrate on increasing speed. I was wondering whether to keep running the 20 mins until I was faster or move on to W6 and build speed later.

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Move on, !! Work on completing the programme, then work on speed, thats if you want to, Depends what your aim is . I graduated sunday and it takes 50 minutes to "run" 5k, now that is slow. But I feel speed will come.


should of said and meant to say well done, 20 minutes non stop is so.............. exciting ! I well remember the permanent grin I had


Thank you I will go on, I actually told my husband that I was enjoying this running lark tonight. I've progressed so quickly and find it therapeutic to just zone out and not think about anything apart from 1,2,3,4 breathe. Might treat myself to a new running top to celebrate getting this far, so far I'm in old stuff with newish trainers.


kpisofficiallynuts .... nice name you've got there :-)

I'm with grannyjudes on this one .... why would you not move on??? You completed the run - you RAN FOR 20 MINUTES! It's a very significant step and no-one is interested in how far you travelled, just that you kept going for all that time!

Make the most of Week 6 - take it easy and revel in your nice steady pace ... everyone mentions it can be a tricky week, i myself loved it, but there's your warning - go go go ONWARDS! And well done!


Fantastic. Well do e. That's the dreaded 20 minute run completed. There'll be no stopping you now :)



KP is officially A RUNNER.

Speed is not important - you are getting a great cardio workout, building stamina and strength, and (dare I say it) confidence in your running ability.

I'm in W6 and so far, loving it!


Congrats, this run is a big achievement, Hopefully I will join you in grinning on friday night :)


Well done! Big milestone in the programme. Stick to slow and steady - build pace later - right now it's about fitness and stamina... take care on week 6 - those intervals look deceptively easy after your awesome W5R3 effort but they've caught a few people out so I really recommend you stick to a pace that works well for you...

Good luck!


Of course you must move on.

The aim is to run for 30 minutes, not catch up with Speedy Gonzales!

Well done for doing so well and good luck in your running.


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