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Yay! W5R3 done!

Thought I'd done at least 8 minutes when Laura said I'd done 5 :(

Then started judging times a bit more realistically. Passed several people out for an evening stroll. That made me keep going up the steep hairpin bend - vanity or what!

Actually when Laura said I'd done the 20 minutes, I thought I could have kept going a bit longer. Glad not to have had to push myself to exhaustion.

Laura was right. The programme prepares you for the 20 minute run :)

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First congratulations for your success!

I did W5R2 today and I am totally afraid of Wendsday when I will try do do Run 3 . I know, that the last 4 weeks taught me how to pace myself and get the confidence in myself to do the run but I am unconvinced.

Your success give me the strength to belive in me. We will see on Wendsday. Maybe it will rain (I hope so)


Good Luck for Wednesday. That's when I shall be doing my W5R2 so not far behind you. Believe in you - make that your mantra for the day: 'I believe in ME-EE!!!' You'll do it. The worst that can happen is you don't finish and then will be redoing it with me on Friday! Keep positive!


I think a lot of people have said that it's mind over matter. Just believe you can do it and keep going! Wishing you every success on Wednesday.


Well done! I'm in week seven now but I vividly remember at the start of week five, looking at the runs for the week and thinking 'well that's not going to happen'. I just couldn't understand how I could go from running 8 minutes to running 20, but this site, and everyone saying 'trust the programme' convinced me to give it a go, and it was fine.

Anyway I have no idea HOW it works, I just know that it does, and if I'm struggling a bit now, I just think 'if Laura (and all the C25k graduates) say I can do it, I can do it'. And so far, I can!


I also completed W5R2 today... Laura was sneaky and I thought I was running 5 mins not 8 :) I'm doing my R3 eeek on Thursday. I till cant believe I ran 8mins twice today, I struggled on week one torun 60 secs x good luck, come and tell us how you smashed it x


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