W5R3 Done omg!

I was quite apprehensive to start with this run I keep seeing people writing running 20 minutes non stop, I thought no people are kidding me now, Laura would not let us run for 20 minutes non stop that's a big jump of 12 minutes from the 8 minutes run, lo and behold she did make us run for 20 minutes non stop.

Once I started, I lower my pace and get into a comfortable run next minute Laura said you are halfway then she mentioned about 15 minutes so I focus for the last 5 minutes when the music changed, I could have gone a couple of minutes more but her talking and the music distracted me when she said that's it you've run for 20 minutes feeling half dead I was elated.

I'm surprised how quick I've recovered with this run. Now I go and have some lunch then join my Persians for a catnap before cooking dinner.

Have a good day all lovely people.


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  • Well done Josepha2263 -that's a big milestone, done & dusted :)

  • Well done, that run is a huge step along the way , it really isnt as bad as you imagine ☺

  • Well done! There seems to be a big group of us that have got to this stage this week (myself included). It feels great doesn't it?!

  • Enjoy the glow from having achieved that big run. Then onwards and upwards.

  • You're in the big league now! Well done! (Remember how it felt when you'd just started, and you were having to contemplate running for - ooh - 60 seconds at a time? Look how far you've come!)

  • Well done Josepha, that's brilliant! X

  • Congratulations! Great feeling isn't it?!

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