W5R3 and 3 personal bests!

So I did it! I went in confident, but when Laura said it was time to start running the gremlins came out and sat on my shoulders and stayed there for a full 5 minutes. Eventually I settled into a rhythm and my legs just seemed to know what to do. I only started to get tired when she said I had 5 minutes left. I slowed down then for 10 seconds and my brain seemed to take it as a sign it was time to stop, so I sped up again until Laura said I was done. Those last 5 minutes were definitely just as hard as the first 5.

I also got 3 PBs today:

- farthest run: 3.53 km (in 32 minutes, including my warm up/down walks)

- fastest km: 7.33 mins

- fastest mile: 13.05 mins

I know it isn't about speed or distance at this point, but it still feels good when the app tells me I beat PBs :)

For all of the W5 runs, even if I've found them difficult while doing them, when I'm done my brain seems to get amnesia and I think "meh, that wasn't so bad". It's a sign of how far we come in the program, because for weeks 1 and 2 I thought I was being tortured, even at the memory of those weeks. Bring on W6!

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  • Well done :) It can be a battle at times but running will generally get easier and you're well on your way now.

  • Thank you! :)

  • A massive well done you!!! Those Gremlins are little buggers though aren't they!!

    Can I ask what app you're using for your PB's? I'm using Mapometer but it just gives my overall times averaged out over the 30 mins & wondered if anyone had an app that will give comparisons for the 3 runs each week. I want to be able to look at say week 1 & week 3 on Sunday & see the difference if that makes any sense lol

    Again a huge well done to you xx

  • Runkeeper is good for that. Gives you the splits as well and sends you encouraging little emails to keep you motivated!

  • Thank you, I had runkeeper before but didn't think much to it, maybe I should have persevered lol. Will try it for my W3R1 tomorrow :)

  • If you already know it and weren't impressed check out that it really does what you want before using it. I'd hate you to waste a run! There are other options out there!😈

  • Thank you. I can still use my mapometer at the same time so think I'll give it a go & compare the two. I'll look into it a bit more thanks so much x

  • Thank you! :) I use Nike+ Running. It logs the total distance, time, and avg km/hr, and stores it all in a handy list you can scroll through. It gets the job done. It also tells you that you "smashed" your records when you beat your time/distance/speed etc., which I like :)

  • That sounds similar to mapometer, will have a look thank you xx

  • Super well done :)

    I just did week 5 run 1 and it was harder than I thought it was going to be.

    You're my inspiration for this week :) No pressure lol!

    Really glad you pb'd on it too, definitely makes it all seem worthwhile :)

  • Haha thank you! Good luck to you for the rest of week 5. Slow and steady:)

  • Way to smash it Shivani. You're right about the amnesia - I have a friend that after each race she swears never again.... And when the next one comes she's all game :)

  • Thank you :)

  • Well done Shavani, you are doing so well by the sound of things🙂. I remember weeks 5 and 6 being a bit gremlin-packed for me too, but I beat the little blighters and now they bother me far less😉! Like you say, look how far you have come! Onwards and upwards - good luck!

  • Thanks Sandra! :)

  • Brilliant shavani :) wow weeks are flying by.. x

  • Yes they are! Thank you :)

  • Brilliant Shavani, well done and thanks for the motivation you have given me over the last 4 weeks


  • Thank you :) Good luck to you! Which week are you on?

  • I am on week 5 and run 2 will be either Wednesday or Thursday

  • Great job!!! W5R3 is so scary to contemplate but so awesome to conquer! If you can do that one, you've got this whole thing for sure!

  • Thanks, Calliope! Each good run gives me more confidence about going forward, and this one definitely did :)

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