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week 4 run 1 wow i did it

I started week 4 today and was very surprised how i found it. I didn't find it too difficult which shows that this program really works. Cannot believe also that i am now running more than i am walking during a session it feels like i have come so far in just a short space of time.

I am also surprised at myself because usually i give up anything to do with exercise but am still really enjoying this and can feel the progress. Also i may not be losing much weight yet but i feel better about myself and i feel like i look much better.

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I agree with everything you've just written. I'm on week seven now, and am amazed every time I go out that a) I'm actually out rather than being lazy at home and b) I'm running and making progress.

W7 R2 was a bit of a setback for me (I only managed 12.5 minutes of the 25 I was supposed to to), but two months ago there's no way I would even have been able to run 3 minutes, let alone 12!

It does really work :-).


I know its so great to think that we are able to do things just a few months ago we would never have been able to do :)


I did the same as you this morning, started week 4 and couldn't believe I did it! Well done on your achievement! I feel the same, feel like I'm actually mking progress too :)


well done to you too :)


well done i really struggled on w4 1 and 2 but did 3 today and coped really well - good to see comments like these - very scared of week 5 though!

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