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Week 7 Run 1

I was really nervous about doing another long run and that there won't be any intervals now, but I am pleased to say I surprised myself.

After having a bit of pain in my legs and ankles I thought I would try using a metronome while I run and taking much smaller steps to see if that would help the pain. Thankfully it has but has also had the added bonus of running faster, even though it doesn't feel like it when people walking sometimes overtake me!

So my lesson to myself is much smaller steps and using a metronome to try and build up my cadence to 180bpm, as apparently cadence can be more important for avoiding injury than even the way you feet land.

All warmed up now after some homemade soup and a baguette with lashings of butter :-)

Hope everyone's runs have been good :-)

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glad you enjoyed the soup maybe not so much butter next time :)) well done and keep on running


Thank you :-) yep you're right about the butter, thankfully I don't normally eat butter at all :-)


Yes, it's quite strange leaving behind the security of the interval runs isn't it :) The homemade soup and baguette sounds like a wonderful treat too :)


Very strange! Though thankfully not too bad :-)

Hope you're having good weather for your runs xxx


I got soaked on one run but the weather was kind for the other two :) It's been a good week and ready to start wk 8 on Friday :) I've actually enjoyed the continuous running but in some ways it still seems pretty surreal that I've got to this point! xx


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