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Week 5 Run 1

Wow! Its been a while since I blogged but I've managed to complete weeks 3 and 4 :D since my last post. I did struggle with getting out with the bad weather and all but I did it anyway. Actually it was surprising how quite the park was. I was certain I would the usual runners out but no a peep. It was kind of uplifting for me to have pushed myself.

I was quite nervous over week 4 but it was great. Run 1 was a bit tough but on runs 2 and 3 I was much more comfortable with and impressed myself. I was surprised at how quickly i was recovering in the 90 second walks. But I am noticing the difference now to how I was before and its really helping me feel much better. Can't believe I'm in this far and its great. I'm not in love with running but I am enjoying this program and believe that more people should know about it. :)

I was a bit disappointed to find out that today's run (W5R1) was running for less time than I was in week 4 but I see that it does pick up again for r2 :D Saying that r3 is looking interesting and scary but I'm sure if I take it easy and follow Laura's advice I'll get trough it like everybody else out there too. So happy with myself for getting this far just like anyone who reads this should be too.

Anyhow thanks for reading.

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Week five was my favourite week, it sets you up nicely for the next few weeks. I agree that the C25K program is one of the best things to come from the internet and I tell as many people about it as I can.

Keep it going :-)


Keep on running Jo - when you get a really good run, the feeling is just amazing! :)


I'm at exactly the same point as you. I'm a bit apprehensive about the W5 R3 too. I have some travel to do today for 2 days, so I think I will be doing R2 on Tues or Weds, then R3 on Friday. Let us know how you get on!!!! :)


I was in a bit of a panic before wk5 r3. I did it on friday and can't believe I completed it! Not gonna lie, it took some concentration and had to give myself a good talking to on a couple of occasions, but like Laura says, you are ready for this. Well done and good luck :-)


Hello, I'm about to start w5 and I'm really nervous. Am sure I can do run 1 but it seems such a massive leap from that to run three. I've been taking it nice and slow and doing four runs for each week instead of three so might do a couple or three of each run. Or maybe I should get on with it!


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