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Week 4, Run 1

Well I finally mustered up the courage to go out in this heat and start week 4. It got to 7pm and after a good talking to, I went out. I came back sweltering but glad I went.

I was surprised to find that my chest didn't hurt - I've found before that my chest hurts and I can't breathe properly but I calmed down and counted my breathing and felt much better.

My legs however, were a different story! I really felt the burn in my calves and had to stop a couple of times during the brisk walk/rest periods, just to stretch them out slightly. However, it must be doing them some good, surely? I've obviously not used these muscles for a long time! I do do zumba once a week but I must be using a different muscle group to running.

Also, I remember other bloggers mentioning pumping arms as you run to get momentum up so i tried that and found it works!

Roll on run 2 tomorrow morning! :)

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Congratulations on making it to W4R1...good job, this heat it is very important to keep yourself hydrated. (Sorry, beer doesn't count. Well, ok, it counts some.) Drink water for hydration. I always found I would have calf cramps if I wasn't drinking enough water. (No problem drinking enough

Keep up the good work....


Thank you! :) I do take one of those oval shaped run bottles with me but its only small, and I found that I ran out of water part way round, which i don't normally do, so I'm going to take a bigger bottle next time and see how that goes. Thanks for the advice :)


I never carried water when I ran...even on very long marathon training runs. (caveat here...most of my marathon training was done during the colder months.) I always focused on re-hydration throughout the day...well, up until a couple hours before


Well done! I have struggled in the heat this week so well done you xx


Well done! Glad you mastered the breathing! I find it cooler to run in the morning, and much nicer! Good luck with your next run!


Thanks everyone! :)

I run with some water because my throat feels dry... but thinking about it, its probably more of a comfort blanket thing!

I normally run after work as I struggle to get up in the mornings, but I've booked the day off tomorrow as the weathers too nice to be stuck in an office! - so I'm gonna try and do a morning run... hopefully!


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