OMG!! I never ever thought that I would get this far, I'm so damn chuffed with myself i've rushed straight to the computer to share this with you all, I'm still looking like a big fat sweaty ribena berry but hey I don't care cause I JUST RAN FOR 20 MINUTES.....WITHOUT STOPPING (luckily for you you can't see me)!!! And to make me even more chuffed, I officailly run faster than I walk, actually I run a full 1.1 minute per km faster than I walk!!! I admit that I'm still not fast but hey I JUST RAN A FULL 20 MINUTES!!! Also I had a smirk on my face for most of the way, well in my head it was a big cheesy grin but probably to the general public it was more like a grimace!! This was one of the few times that I thought sod it I don't care what I look like I'm out here doing it, I had my new running top on and sports bra and I puffed my running chest out proudly. ;o)

I was excited and cautious when I started as I didn't want to go too fast and not be able to finish, Laura said I'd done 5 mins and I thought hey this isn't so bad. I got up the one and only hill (probably more like a steep slope but it goes on for a while) and I felt a bit tired so I just though put one foot in front of the other and keep going, I didn't think too far ahead, then my endomondo thing told me how fast my km was that gave me an extra boost and I thought I'm doing heaps better than I thought I was. WHen Laura said i'm half way through, I thought come on I can do this, and I thought to myself i'm over half way now as she has finshed talking so I can't give up, told myself again just put one foot in front of the other. Then she said 5 mins and I was still smiling (in my head anwyay!) and then 2 minutes! WHen she said only 2 minutes I thought go a bit faster so I did! This is how crazy the running malarky has made me I even started singing to those awful songs, "I've got both feet on the ground......."

Sorry for the long rambling blog but I'm just soo proud of myself. Roll on Week 6 ........


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  • Oh and it was raining!!

  • YESSSS!!!! Well done :-) There is truly no looking back now you've got to this stage. Congratulations and ENJOY!!!

  • Thats brilliant well done you. You deserve to be a very happy berry :)

    I have my last wk 4 run tomorrow and am looking forward to 5 with a mix of excitment and fear. Everytime someone posts to say they dd it, the fear goes down a notch and the excitment goes up. Thank you for posting, its a great motivator for those of us just behind you.

  • WOOOHOOOO :d well done to you, I can wait to get to where you are now x

  • WHOOOPPPPP! Well done you!!!! :) :) It's such a major achievement to run for 20 mins you should quite rightly be very proud of yourself and i bet you are smiling for days :) :)

  • Well done you!!!!!!! new you could do it:))) cant believe you like that song though!!! all this exercise must be playing with your brain!

  • Well done, 20 minutes is such an achievement, no wonder you are smiling and proud of yourself. You can achieve anything now :)

  • There's just no feeling like it! Each goal along the way brings a sense of achievement but there's nothing like the 20 minute run for the first time :)

  • Yay well done :-) I'm only a couple of days behind you - you give me hope that I can emulate your achievement on Wednesday :-)

  • YAY!!!!!!

    Really looking forward to this moment too ;)

    Well done you!

  • congratulations :)

    you will be grinning all day :)

  • Yay well done! It's a brilliant feeling isn't it.

  • Well done to you! :-). Bet you'll be smiling (or grimacing!) all day! How did you feel before you started? I'm on week 5 next week and feeling a little nervous!

  • I was excited and nervous, I'd read other peoples blogs about it and that they achieved it and I tried to remain positive and think I'm no different to everyone else I should be able to do it and I did! I think I Sussed out quite early on in the programme that it is all about pacing urself and not going too fast. good luck and keep us posted on how u do

  • Thanks for your reply. Thats how I feel too. I did week5, run 1 last night and actually could've run more, so I'm hoping that I will be ok for the 20 min run later in the week. Well done again to you! :-)

  • Well done indeed. I am due to do week 5 run 3 tomorrow and I am a bit apprehensive. Keep on smiling. It's a great achievement!

  • Well done, thats fab...I am doing that run on Weds and hope I have the same success as you! Found todays run quite easy so hoping it will be fine..

  • Congratulations and well done for doing 20mins. I'm on the same session. Am hoping to get out on Wednesday. Nervous and wishing I'd been born with wings:)

  • Great well done!! I still look like a sweaty ribena berry and I'm on week 9 :)

  • Awesome! (and you made me laugh out loud - "sweaty riben berry".. haha). My 20 minute run is tomorrow. I am scared, but determined. Let Laura's voice and your accomplishment be my inspiration!

  • Brilliant!!!!! I'm in total awe! I only started today...week 1, run 1. To be able to run for 20 mins is just mind-blowing!!! F A N T A S T I C!!!!! :-) :-) :-)

  • Well done you, its a great feeling doing the 20 mins, your making great progress. You will enjoy week 6, I did and the first 2 runs wll be no problem for you.

  • Its such a brilliant feeling isnt it :)

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