I ran 8 minutes TWICE (!!!)

Dear runner friends,

I want to deeply thank you for all encouragement, cheering me up, helping me overcome another illness break in my running.

Yesterday, the weather was so nice, clear sky, sun shining, a little of a breeze on my face, some shadows from trees to keep my dog cool. I had a longer walk the previous day and got a blister, but I could let the weather just pass without me putting my running shoes and at least trying. We had our warm-up walk (ok, it was longer 10 min walk) to the canal path, so I could let her loose and not worry about all the pulling/stopping, and we started running. I kind of forgot what the schedule was, and I need to admit that in the beginning I wasn't listening carefully to Laura, so I thought the first run will be 5 minutes. I was running, getting really tired, my lungs kind of hurt, so I slow down even more than the snail pace, but I kept going. I started to feel my legs, but I heard Laura saying we're in the half way through the first run, I though OMG it feels like eternity, but I was running for 5 minutes before, so I can do it. And I did :) Suddenly Laura said that I ran for 8 (EIGHT!) not 5 minutes. I was so shocked that I managed it after over 1 week break. I got a stitch and I didn't fully recovered before the next run. My legs hurt a little, plaster from the blister peeled off and make me suffer. Regardless, I decided to give it a go. It was hard, oh my, it wasn't like in the commercials or the Baywatch intro. My dog was panting, so tired that she was running just next to me, without her traditional wandering and sniffing around. I concentrated on the sun shining on my face, on the water sounds, I took few deep breaths. One step after another, slow and steady, very slow, even slower. Laura told me "only 60 seconds left". One more step, and one more. And you know what? I DID IT !!! I was panting, my dog was panting, but we did it! Finished with a little longer cool-down walk home, got a lot of water (both of us), took a shower, and a huge smile appeared on my face :D

I completed W5R2 and I am back on track, I am back in the business, I did it, in spite of everything, I did it!

1 step at a time, 1 run at a time


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  • of course you did it! We had no doubt at all that you'd do it.

    Well done! Give yourself (and your running companion) a well-earned pat on the back. Get ready to go again. It's fun int it!

  • Today we went just for a 1 hour recovery walk to prepare for tomorrow, or probably the day after tomorrow.

    I'm not sure if it's fun, but the feeling afterwards is good :)

  • I need a 'LOVE' button for this post!! You really are amazing, I am so, so thrilled that you did it, those 8 minute runs are a killer too! Brilliant IgaT you inspire me so much, I will be back out there soon too! xx

  • :) It is so good to read your reply :D Such a kind words :) It's really incredible to have you here!

    I am doing 2 days break to get ready for the next run. There is no hurry. I want to be fully recovered. I did small HIIT at home today and tomorrow s the rest day.

    How are you feeling Bigfatsal? I hope your ribs are healing nicely and you are taking care of yourself. You are still couple of runs ahead of me, if I count correctly. Anyway, do not hurry things. I hope I am over all illnesses and I will be able to take a lead and clear the path just in front of you ;)

  • I'm sp proud of you for getting out there and doing it! I am also a little envious!! I am doing fine, the ribs seem to be healing ok, still pretty painful but nothing like as bad as the first week or so. I think I am going to try a little run in a week or so and just see, if it hurts I will stop, no point in making it worse! I think I will end up a long way behind you, I may even start over, I will definitely do a week one run for the first one back, and see how it goes. I will be chasing to catch you up though :)

  • I am happy that you are getting better :) You are smart runner. Do start from the beginning if you feel it is the good thing for your ribs and core.

    As soon as you will be feeling good, go ahead and chase me. I'll continue to run, slow and steady ;)

  • I will only be chasing you verrrrryyyyyy sllloooowwwwwwwlllllly!!

  • Hurrah! Hurrah! Well done Indomitable IgaT! And with a blister, too! And also congrats to the trusty hound. Just shows what will-power can do. I'm only a couple of runs ahead of you, so totally get where you're at -- and also your sense of feeling EXTREMELY excited by the leaps in running time.


  • Thank you OgdenCouch :) Can you feel my breath on your neck :P ? It means that bot of us choose this amazing path ;) Have a nice run!

  • Excellent! As you get further on in the programme, you might be wise to take two days off between runs rather than just one. I know I needed to! Well done - I look forward to your next post :)

  • I will see with the recovery times. For now, I definitely need 2 days of rest. I may switch to 2 runs per week instead of 3, and supplement with other exercises to give more rest to my legs and work more on my core and upper body. I'm still in process of optimizing the schedule to me, my constantly changing life, weather ;)

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