I can't quite believe this...I ran for 21 minutes!

I've been looking forward to this morning for 2 weeks. Whatever happened I was going to complete the 20 minutes (all this was a daydream you understand). In reality I couldn't see how two 8 minutes runs could make me anywhere near capable of running 20 minutes.

The first 3 minutes I couldn't see how I'd even get to the end of 5 minutes but suddenly it was 5 and I felt OK; my legs weren't heavy and my breathing had settled down and I knew I'd definitely get to 10. Once Laura had said 10 minutes I knew for certain that barring accidents, like one of these silly excuses for dogs running under my feet, I would make it.

I wasn't silently begging Laura to tell me I'd finished, I wasn't aware of her dreadful music I was just running cos I knew I could! In fact I was planning what I'd write in my blog and on my Facebook page (my running has been a secret from everyone except our sons and my GP). My run felt truly fantastic.

The down side is that notpheidippides is still not well and spent my run sitting on a park bench with his camera. So when Laura said I'd done the 20 minutes and I wasn't back at said bench I just had to keep running till I reached him which was more than a minute but I just want to record 21 for myself ...I can't stop grinning :-) Bring on the rest of the program I know I'm up for it :-)


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20 Replies

  • WELL DONE YOU! 'Running cos I knew I could' says it all. Our minds are our greatest strengths. Self belief goes a long way. Pleased you are getting so much out of this to grin all day! Enjoy!

    Thanks for the inspiration to keep going. Can't say I get much feel good yet but posts from people like you are keeping me going.

  • Beek...you can do it. The program takes you there! Slow and steady as greenlegs says.

  • Well done you - 21 mins is quite something especially with no walking breaks - I'm about a week behind you so still seems like a massive mountain is in front of me to run constantly like that.

  • Don't worry Matthew you'll do it...Laura starts the run by saying "trust the program" and that's all you have to do - apart from running slowly and steadily.

  • thanks for that - it's been blind trust & faith in the program which has got me so far - so should be okay I hope...

  • Well done - quite an achievement. I'm dreading the thought of having to run for 3 mins tonight so 20 mins seems out of reach at the moment (although I know its not a million miles away!) :)

  • You'll do it :-) Slow and steady and utter belief in the program:-)

  • Wow facebook official!!!! I am finishing week 7 this week and still the only person who knows is my other half. Still not ready to go 'public', maybe after graduation.

  • I decided to do it after w5R3 because when I made the decision I was sure I wouldnt even get there!! If you know what I mean. So when I did I was so thrilled I had to share it with my small group of friends! All the best for your last 2 weeks.

  • :-) :-) Smashing! :-) :-) Congratulations!! :-) Gayle

  • O thanks Gayle ...that's how much I'm smiling.

  • Woohoo! what a star! I don't know which is better; the fact that you ran for 21 minutes, or the massive amount your self confidence has increased over the past month! Both are truly amazing.

    " I was just running cos I knew I could" has to be the best quote yet :-)

    Big grins here for you too.

  • Well....I was!!! :-)

  • That's made me grin hugely too! :) :) So very happy for you. I knew you could do it. :)

    Hope NP (can't spell the long version!) is feeling much better very soon.

  • Thank you greenlegs. I chant your mantra at the start of every run. You've helped me feel I can do it my way and hopefully succeed.

  • NP on second lot of antibiotics and not feeling like running yet. But he's much faster than me...the right sort of legs!...so will easily catch up with me. He's being a super suppport even though he's not running.

  • That's brill - well done you!!

    And thanks for the encouragement. I hope in 4 days I can say with equal chufftness that I did it too :-)

  • It's been good to see this :-) I have this run coming up tomorrow and was starting to get a bit worried already. 20 minutes sounds crazy to me, but, here goes!

  • I don't think anything beats the feeling of getting THAT run out of the way :D

    Huge congratulations and well done!

  • Thank you Khrissy. You're right! It sort of looms as soon as you hear about it.

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